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dose the 3 pokemon your friends have in the Friend Safari change?

dose the 3 pokemon your friends have in the Friend Safari change?

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My code is 1805-3484-5541

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Pikadooder answered:

Unfortunately they don't. Game Freak is rewarding you for having lots of friends added. When the friend is online, the Pokemon in their area can also have their secret ability. Add me, and we'll both have another area! :)

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Furby00 answered:

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Suicuned answered:

Sadly, no. Like stated, the more friends you have, the more types you get. Now, the pokemon you get in a specific type do NOT change. It's sad that they didn't add a cool mechanic, maybe like each week there's a chance one of the pokemon gets replaced by a new one. Oh well, if you wanted a different one, then the only way you can do it is by GTS or Wonder Trade.
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RicardoRgz answered:

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pel0s answered:

Ive added you already. You can add me: 5000-2865-1183
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steveissleepy answered:

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kikfrik answered:

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slaiman answered:

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Jc1651 answered:

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Marcus9120 answered:

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jippekat answered:

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BalakayB answered:

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HcL808 answered:

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