Question from gambit21ca

Lost hotel?

How do you get past the guy in the lost hotel?


SmokeRulz answered:

From what I've read, it takes roller blading moves to do it. There's a back flip trick you learn from a girl in Lumiose City, and then a spin move in Laverre City. You use these to get past that guy, and you learn another trick once you're past him.
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Runeofnite answered:

As SmokeRulz said, you need all 4 skating tricks. Their locations are as follows:

North Boulevard on the street (backflip)

Vert Plaza (Running start)

South Boulevard in an unmarked building with an elevator (Parallel Swizzle)
Estivel Avenue in a cafe (the 360).

If you get all 4 of these, you can reach the boss and get the final trick called the Cosmic Flip.
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jake29158 answered:

watch this video it will show you
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