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Where can i find electabuzz or elekid in pokemon x and y? In what route do they appear?

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MechroTempest answered:

1) You will need to register someone with an Electric Type Friend Safari, and hope they have one of Elekid's forms. If you don't know anyone like that, there are a lot of great facebook pages for friend code exchanges

2) If you have any older games, and you happen to have an Elekid or one of it's evolutions, transfer that Pokemon into Pokemon Black 2/White 2 and use the Poke-transporter via Pokemon Bank..
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Didasoccer11 answered:

I'm not sure where in the game, but I got my electabuzz through the friend safari!
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Suicuned answered:

No route. You need friends with electric type safari zone, and that have Electabuzz/Elekid. For example, my safari zone is electric and contains Dedenne, Stunkfisk and another pokemon which I dont know
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GyraDosXX answered:

If you don't get a friend with an electabuzz friend safari, it's not too hard to get one from the GTS right now. Just put up for trade another friend-safari pokemon that cannot be obtained from normal game play or evolve something decent and put it up for trade on the GTS. If you have not "seen" electabuzz in game so that it does not appear on your list for the GTS, you can go to the very end of the alphabet and type it in manually. I just got one in trade for a krabby!
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SimplyLeg3ndary answered:

i have elekid add me 0087 2299 8743 send me yours in a PM
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kenjygo answered:

4527 7491 1362 add me please I need electabuzz
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flxmart answered:

FC is 3909-7687-9947 my type is normal with Aipom, Minccino, and Ditto
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ThirtyOneK answered:

Electabuzz can be found in Electric type Friend Safari. Also, try the GTS
Add me. FC :0748-2792-8911
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Karlsfsn answered:

Do you guys mind if I add you? I don't know my friend safari type unfortunately. FC 0275-8491-3157
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Karlsfsn answered:

I would really like an elekid or electabuzz :)
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tonythetiger123 answered:

Hey can you guys add me too i need help fc- 4012 4713 9357
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Shawn0309 answered:

Can someone add me with the the electric safari please. My friend code is 2723-9727-4626
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Vmendoza2013 answered:

Could somebody add me too i would like to get an electabuzz!
4270 2012 7356
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bw2014 answered:

Do you have electabuzz please add me
fc - 4398 9534 7408.
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Champ2013 answered:

You get Electabuzz through friend Safari where you can then breed Electabuzz to get an Elekid :)
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TheElectricRaic answered:

@Suicuned: Dedenne and Stunfisk are from 2 seperate sections how did you get that? I dont know my Friend Safari Type but i hope its Electric :P Especially Slot 2 with Pikachu :3 Add me if you want 2363-6204-7551
@RobotYellow: h t t p : / /
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DAngeles answered:

Hi... I'm also looking for an elekid or electabuzz to add to my team, my friend code is: 4270-0472-1821

Add me!
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FOREVERMAN1 answered:

It can be found in freind safari.
Why? Pika is just as cute and good! ^_^
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LuxraySwag answered:

You can get it through some electric type friend safaris.
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jansepants answered:

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zhafuanz answered:

You can't find them in a route. Elekid can only be found in an Electric Friend Safari.
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k07ii answered:

It can only be found in friend's safari. Add other people so that you can get access to their safari. =)
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mikeepantz answered:

I would love electro kid. Add me 4785 5467 4433
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Sirvalithor answered:

You can only get Electabuzz through trade or the friend safari.
If you are looking for a safari, you can find any type and all the information you need on where there is a community list of all safaris, what pokemon are in them, the friend codes, and their usernames here on gamefaqs.
Electabuzz is in the second slot, so you won't have to be online at the same time as the other person in order to catch it.
If you are interested, send me a PM and I can add you. My friend code is 0533 - 4515 - 2732. I have a Panpour, Gyarados, and Poliwhirl in my safari. Hope this helps.
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SkJett answered:

I have an electabuzz

FC : 4141 - 3180 - 2708
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aj22aj answered:

Only in friend safari
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eddyc125 answered:

I just started looking for friend codes. Mine is 1864-9290-7904
I will add any that wants to trade
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