Question from TomDwarfthrower

Asked: 10 months ago

Where can I find Light Clay (Besides Farming Golett)?

If anyone knows if there is any specific place where you can find a Light Clay, please respond back. I'm trying to set up a Dual Screen Klefki for my casual team and I don't want to be spamming ultra balls at Goletts to get a Light Clay.

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From: ErikinHD 9 months ago

Goletts can appear in hordes. use honey or sweet scent to attract them, then have a pokemon with compoundeyes in first slot and just use thief on all of them. took me two tries also with pikachu and goletts. Also ludvisc already have a 50% chance to have a heart scale so you can do the same thing and have almost a 100% chance of it holding one.

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I'm not 100% sure if you can find Light Clay, maybe. But you can go to Camphrier Town above the PC go into the house and talk to the punk girl near the top, she will give you a TM for thief, use thief on Goletts and try to steal the item from them. Sorry but that's the best answer I can give.

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Not sure where to get a light clay, but if you have a pokemon with the ability Compound Eyes leading, you can raise the chance of Golett having the item by 50%.

I've used this to get a Light Ball and King's Rock from a Pikachu and a Poliwhirl in 1 or 2 encounters.

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