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Is Lonely nature for Fletchling good?

I'm deciding between keeping Lonely or go for Brave nature for my Pokemon Fletchling.
I know Brave nature (increase in Attack & decrease in Speed) is good because Fletchling's speed is already really good but is there any good reason(s) to keep Lonely (increase in Attack & decrease in Defense)?

Accepted Answer

DArquie answered:

If you use a Lonely nature, then it means that your Fletchling will have good Attack, and good Speed, but decreased Defense which is not good. At the same time Brave is not good either as it means that other Fletchling's and high Speed Pokemon may attack you before you attack them.

The best natures to have woulds be either Jolly (up Speed, down Special Attack) for a faster Fletchling, or Adamant (up Attack, down Special Attack) for a stronger Attack.
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