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Best nature for Charmander (Charizard)?

Is Charizard more stronger as a physical or special attacker? I'm thinking of a nature that increases either Attack or Sp. Attack but Charizard's movepool has a lot of good physical and special moves. So what nature (any) and moveset would you recommend me and why? This is really hard for me to decide.

(I will be using the Charazardite X stone so it would temporarily change to Flying + Dragon during battle)

Accepted Answer

MatthewJC23 answered:

Charizard X increases Attack and boosts moves that make contact, Y increases Special Attack and increases all Fire-based moves. You should be able to make your own personal decisions regarding movesets with that information.
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Chris_Lv255 answered:

Charizard X's stats make it a mixed sweeper with boosted ATK and SPATK, so either pick a specialization (Adamant/Jolly/Modest/Timid) and run with it, or go mixed (Hasty, Naive, Naughty, Rash, Lonely, Mild).
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