Question from Noct123

Need Pokemon Friend cods X and Y and trying to get feebas?

My is 3711-8020-0141

Post your and i will add you,have anyone found it yet?


beanie2274 answered:

I added u, my fc is 2294-4715-8091
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kiokurashi answered:

2750-2058-7130 : Kio is my name
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calvin23229 answered:

Add me i added u 4441-9354-6904
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INSANITY117 answered:

I added you; my friend code is 4854-6893-0548
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pokedude2222 answered:

Mine is 1048-8628-3343
I already have added you
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fartripper214 answered:

My code is 0061-0032-6813, name : dude
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genyu21 answered:

Added everyone here pls add me as well 1864-9336-3846
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WulfKnight answered:

Anyone has feebas.
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Cococollazo answered:

Name is coco, more friends the merrier :D
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blaze2wind answered:

5241-2457-7874 Name is blaze
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pokemonftw1234 answered:

My friend code is 1779 0732 0963
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CaptainMarioMC answered:

Which of you have the Feebas?
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nekcihc22 answered:

Friend Code 3883-5340-2755 Name: Zach. Add Me! Already Added All Of You!
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lukewest1 answered:

Coco do you have a feebas my fc is 3110-4548-4768 added all of you.
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iloveheat answered:

add me my code is 1048-8426-5890 my name is Justin
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Silver_Fox18 answered:

FC is 0130-2064-8072
Already add u
Anyone else who want to add me is free to do so and I will add u back
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iloveheat answered:

Add my cousin 1821-9919-7861 the names Jason
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MrSmile151 answered:

Add me: 1392-5173-2879. I added you all.
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Blakemana01 answered:

Add me and I will add you to my fc 1693-1800-1447 and the name is kris .
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Hyperlicario67 answered:

Mine is 2750-1445-7949 and name is dylan
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edanator101 answered:

my friend code is 0963-0311-4166 Add me please.
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WillyDope answered:

Will | 5069-3932-0101 | Growlithe, Larvesta add me plz
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gman0427 answered:

hey guys add me, my friend code is: 5258-0028-7513 my name is Gary I think may have a water safari.. everyone add me plz
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ceno17 answered:

Hi everyone. Add me, my friend code is 379770580984 my name is Ceno. I'll add all of you, thanks.
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byrd85 answered:

Added mine is 0275-7842-8824 name byrd
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Silaaron answered:

My FC is: 1547-5469-8594, the name will say Donnie but ign is Aaron. I have added everyone who put up their FC.
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Twig7211 answered:

I added everyone here
Friend code:
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Chikichike answered:

I added everyone i have a ditto friend safari mine is 1633 4832 5964
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chrisq-q answered:

Send me friend codes. I only have one friend but I got all of your down.
the name is chris-5343-8919-2564
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firefly_96 answered:

My FC is 4785-5229-0354, will add everyone Thanks!
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Tynchronia answered:

My FC is 1607-3035-5310. My name is DJ.
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bsu4life answered:

I added all your codes mine is 087714270653 my name is Big Show can u please add mine thx in advance
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SlyGemini answered:

Hey I added all of you! Can you please add me my code is 0963-0268-0743
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charizard004 answered:

My friend code is 0104 0636 9131 names mahir
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zabuza1986 answered:

My friend code is 4441 9792 7364 ill add all u please add me
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syrammie answered:

add me too!
FC: 0576-5033-8514
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razor1292 answered:

My fc is 0018-1677-6325 and unlike everyone else I have feebas with egg moves
1 0

GZisis answered:

heeey plz add me i want to complete my pokedex but i have only 350 pokemon caught !!! i really need some pokemon ... My fc is 465672935300 .... as me ASAP
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Rob765 answered:

Hey can yall add me to my fc is 3325-2622-3387 please add
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DarianneJade answered:

I added all of you, my FCC is 096307343314 I also need a feebas so hook me up! My name's Darianne
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waterdragonn answered:

Hello, my name is noah and my fc is 0275 7942 9310. been looking for a feebas for a while so any help would be appreciated :)
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donleno303 answered:

I would love you razior

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Goliver07 answered:

Anyone wants to add me let me know so I can add u as well and the person that started this add me as well thanks 3196-4369-7343 my r steel types as what I've been told thanks guys and girls
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BobFlowers answered:

I have been adding people who posted on here, my FC is 349709906758
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NinjaPuff45 answered:

Trying to find a feebas for my lil bro who really wants a milotic... I got a ton of pokemon (IV's and everything) but they are all on Soul Silver... Ugh, gotta get through white and black and I'm only 3 badges in... Oh yeah, and wait for that poke bank/transporter, lol. Added every on this list

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pr0t0gen answered:

Added everyone on here.

Please add me. #4382-2011-1573

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pokerface4300 answered:

Robby| fc: 0387-9337-8334| I have togepi:)
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Jay7569 answered:

I need and elecatbuzz my FCC is 1779-0306-9563
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