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Asked: 11 months ago

Amaura Evolution!?!?

Has anyone evolved Amaura yet? I have read that it evolves at level 39 at night but I read this when it hit level 40, any idea how I can get it to evolve?

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Okay just figured it out, just level Amaura at night and it will evolve.

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Make sure it's night, then level up Amaura. Make sure you don't hit B while it's evolving.

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Ever since GEN IV, night time has been regarded from 8:00PM onwards til morning. So in order for your Amaura to evolve, your DS time/game time must be set to or you can wait at in between 8:00PM - 5:00AM.

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You're missing one important step. The Amaura has to have a high friendship as well, or else it won't evolve. Make sure its Happiness value is high by playing with it in Pokemon Amie, letting it hold the Soothe Bell, etc. then evolve it after 8:00pm.

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