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How does waiting on evolution affect my Pokemon's stats?

I have spent a lot of time on Google trying to find the answer to this question, and the questions are either dated to generations past, or filled with mixed answers that leave me more confused.

Specifically my question involves my Growlithe. After spending some time breeding him for good IVs, nature, and Super Training him for most desirable EVs, I am wondering if holding off on evolution will have an effect on his final stats. I specifically know Growlithe learns the Dragon Type move Outrage at level 38ish in this generation as I leveled a previous Growlithe to teach Flare Blitz as an egg move. Outrage didn't seem transferrable, but I do want that move. I also want the best possible stats.

My dilemma is choosing whether to wait or whether to get the best stats. Which leads to my specific question:

If I evolve Growlithe at level 1 into Arcanine, will his stats be better at level 100 than a Growlithe that I evolve at level 38 or will they be the same?

NovemberEleven provided additional details:

So what I'm reading is that the 37 levels I would be doing as Growlithe would have no effect at all on Arcanine's stats once he evolved? IE I wouldn't be getting 37 levels of Growlithe stat boosts involved in my level 100 Arcanine. The moment Growlithe evolved into Arcanine, all the stats would be revamped as if he had been an Arcanine since level 1?

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MASTERNO answered:

Yes, that's one way to put it. Stats are calculated by some equation based on base stats and IVs, so it doesn't matter when your Growlithe evolves, the game will look at Arcanine's base stats, check the IVs tied to that specific Arcanine, then calculate the stats from those and add on any EVs earned from fighting.
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MASTERNO answered:

They should be the same. The base stats of the evolved Pokemon are independent of its pre-evolution, therefore the IVs scale with its base stats as it evolves and the EVs are then added as usual.

In short, you can teach the Growlithe Outrage without penalizing its stats. Everything is based on IVs, so if it has three or four perfect IVs, it will retain its perfect stats when it becomes Arcanine.
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