Question from redFOX381

Can you rebattle trainers in this game?

VS seeker, call system available?


NovemberEleven answered:

You can't battle the average trainer along the routes a second time.

There are some trainers though, that can be battled repetitively. Your rival will be available post-Elite 4 for daily battles, as well as a trainer who does 'Inverse Battles' daily(Battles where move effectiveness is opposite of normal), and the Battle House near the Pokemon Day Care. Reportedly the gym leaders you've beaten will eventually show up at the Battle House after rising high enough in 'Nobility Rank'. And there are always the consecutive battles at the Battle Maison (this Pokemon's version of Battle Tower), though these only reward Battle Points and not money.

The elite 4 is always available for rebattle as well.
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Gunsandredroses answered:

Same as above but you can also re-battle as often as you like at the restaurants. ;)
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