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How can I Chain to get a Shiny Ralts or Magikarp?

Hey all, heres my problems:
Ive been told a good patch of grass is good for the PokeRadar to find the pokemon you wish. My only problem is I cannot chain Raltses as there seems to be a lack of good patches of grass on the route where they are at.
Likewise, I found an area thats great for Fishing Chaining,but when i use my old rod there Im only finding Luvdiscs. Is there a better place for Magikarp?


EPIC_FAIL999 answered:

I'm currently trying to get a shiny magikarp though chaining and here is what I have discovered on where to find magikarp.

I am at route 22 (route east of the city with gym 1) all you have to do is go to the end of the the route, go south and you will end up at this tiny area with some water.

Use the old rod and all you will find is magikarp.
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mlg5390 answered:

You can chain fish on route 3 to get shiny magikarp. First have a pokemon with suction cups at the head of your party and start fishing! With suction cups, it will reel in a pokemon every time. Just don't mess up and you can continue your chain. If you mess up, the chain restarts. Poke Radar isn't the best choice so I normally choose the Masuda method. If not, find a giant patch of grass to use the Poke Radar.
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