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How do i know when my lumiose city style points are at max?

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SmokeRulz answered:

Follow the guide on Serebii to make sure you've done everything there is.

The surefire sign, I think, is if the Stone Emporium guy sells you the megastones for only 10 grand a piece. That's the lowest he goes. In addition, the O-Powers guy appears in the 1-star restaurant to give you the last O-Power in the game.
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JarieSuicune answered:

You'll know you are stylish when you can get into the stylish clothes shop.
It's not that hard... I managed it without trying; I just adventured the city, talking to everyone I saw, worked once at the Hotel, and battled a bunch. I didn't do any of the restaurants you have to pay to enter.
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Tawarochir answered:

SmokeRulz is right, follow the Serebii guide. Today I figured out that the stones guy was selling me the stones for 10000 a piece, and that guy seems to be the ultimate test-- if you can get him to sell you the stones for 10,000, then you are the king/queen of Lumiose City.
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lava_yuki answered:

Also, when you get all the O-powers until Kiloude city, if your at max style Mr. Bonding will be in Cafe Introversion in Lumiose city to give you the final Hatching O-Power.
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