Question from jakehseku

Asked: 10 months ago

Can someone trustworthy hep me evolve my Haunter and Scyther?

I recently caught haunter and Scyther and i was wondering if a trustworthy person could help me evolve them

Accepted Answer

From: KaliGab0801 10 months ago

I also have a scyther w/ metal coat and also looking for my scyther to evolve to scizor. Here's my FC : 1349-5695-4139.

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Submitted Answers


I am trustworthy. My FC is 2750-2058-7130. Give me a time span, a date, and your time zone and I will tell you if I can fit it into my schedule. P.S. I'm in the -4 Time Zone.

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Dude i'll gladly help you..I already have all the new starters and old starters also if you need any of them..message me on here after you add me so i can jump on..0087 2299 8743

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I can help u because I need to evolve my electebuzz through trade so I won't steal
Add me

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