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Where can I find fossils?

I managed to find the Old Amber for Aerodactyl and the two new ones introduced in this generation.

My question is where can I find the rest? Are they in the same cave as the Old Amber?

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slayer_x57 answered:

They're all located in Glittering Cave (where you found Old Amber). Each game has 2 exclusive to them (I remember Y gets Omanyte and Kabuto's fossils) and they can only be obtained after beating the elite 4. You have to use rock smash where applicable and hope for the best.
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MiniBois answered:

I dont think they are version exclusive. I have Pokemon Y and can get Omanyte, Kabuto, Shieldon, Cranidos and Archen (and off course the Old Amber for Aerodactyl). They are all level 20 when you get them out of the fossil
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VirtusTenebrae answered:

After defeating the Elite Four, you can find them in the back of Glittering Cave. Use Rock Smash on the boulders for a chance to find the fossils. Pokemon X is the only one that can find Root or Claw Fossils, and Pokemon Y is the only one that can find Helix or Dome Fossils. Also, neither version can find Jaw or Sail Fossils.
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