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IV Breeding Issues?

I'm following Terotrous's guide on how to breed pokemon for good IV's, I'm only going for 3 perfect IV's, rather than all 6, but I'm using his method anyway. If you haven't seen it, here's a link:

So, I have taken an Abra, and bred it with a modest Ditto, while it held an everstone. Worked on the first try. The offspring was a modest Abra.

Next I took that babie, and gave it the everstone, while I had it breed with a Ditto that had a perfect Sp. Atk stat, and made sure it held a power lens to carry that stat over. So far so good. The offspring was a modest Abra with 31 Sp. Atk IV's.

But here's where it got weird. I took that baby, and gave it the everstone, while I bred it with a (Japanese) Ditto with two diffrent IV's, but it had 31 IV's in it's Speed stat, so I gave it a power anklet to carry that stat over.

Now I'm getting random Abras, with totaly random IV's. It is still modest, but not even the Speed stat is perfect. I have nearly a box full of Abras now so I don't think I'm just really unlucky because at least the Speed stat should be carrying over right?

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XDaylon answered:

Oh! Well you were right! Why thank you XDaylon!
... you sure are handsom...
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XDaylon answered:

Well, XDaylon, it might be because that Japanese ditto, did in fact, NOT have perfect 31 IV's in Speed.
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