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How do you get the 3rd pokemon in Friend Safari?

So apparently, when your friends beat the elite 4 or whatever, the third slot in their friend safari is supposed to unlock. A friend of mine recently beat the elite 4, but she still only has 2 pokemon in my friend safari for her. I'm pretty sure my other friends have beaten the game by now too, and I know they've been online to update this, I've seen them. I really want to be able to get specific pokemon, and they're from the 3rd slots which are rarer pokemon. How does it work?

Also my friend code is 2964 - 8655 - 9055 will check back periodically.

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holon_zz answered:

Both players must be online or nearby and have beaten Elite 4 to unlock it.
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tidasf10 answered:

My fc code is 4570-8014-4345. I have only gottin to 7th badge so far. I am right outside 7th badge gym. on both x and y.
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thetaysta answered:

mine is 1048-9000-4096. I've beaten Elite 4
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Ghostnoc9 answered:

Mine is 2122-6489-5831 please add me!
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gibran98 answered:

Add me!! My FC: 1177-7426-7633, I really want a togepi!! If you have one for trade, please add me!!!
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X_Wolf_386 answered:

I need more people for friend safari (don't know mine but i have bwaten the elitr four)

FC: 313679907549 Sophia

Also have added everyone in the question to my Friends so just add me back. ^^
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shuguhhshane answered:

My FC is 3368-1488-2472 add me please!! I have poison pokemon I can't remember which ones though haha
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ipreferlemonpie answered:

Add me, FC: 1478-4172-9979
Name: Patou
I've added you all. :)
Also, I've beaten The Elite Four already.
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TreePuncher75 answered:

Add me, everyone
FC: 2852-7964-1124
Name: Bobby
I've already beaten the Elite 4
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5W00N answered:

Add me as well, FC: 0791-3158-1227
I've beaten the elite four
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Koscoyo answered:

Add me I added everyone, fc: 4570-7813-6365
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vietballz answered:

Add me ive finished too 5172-1433-2236
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MMMMckay answered:

My fc code is 5429-7636-0392 add me. I'll add people i see too. I've beaten the elite four.
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Waterbury83 answered:

Hit up my friend code too: 2380-4556-4902
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RaymondKSW answered:

Mine is 4098-3565-2065
Completed the game and elite 4.
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Frisk_2012 answered:

MIne is 0834-1716-6645 Please add back have added everyone else!
Beat elite 4
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Celondiu answered:

I have added you all please add me back plus I beat elite four 2766-9403-2971
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Zack275 answered:

Please add I have added you all. I have Beat elite 4. Code 4382-2733-9537
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triedge1000 answered:

I have beat them my code is 2148-8257-6501. iv added everyone who already posted
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mlgomesg answered:

I have also beat them my code is 0619-4261-5304. i'll also add everyone who already posted
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pokerus-r-us answered:

Hey I've added every on that's posted so far! Please add me FC: 3282-3036-1395 I've also beaten the elite 4!
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PresidentScrewb answered:

Please add me. FC: 4484-7926-4255. I've beaten the league.
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eave6901 answered:

Add me I've beaten the league. I've also added everyone here.
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eave6901 answered:

Fc : 3497-1526-2772
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Vivezmargot1 answered:

I have added all of you! My friend code is: 5198-2582-5784
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Vexari answered:

I shall add you all now :) My friend code is 4871-5509-9556
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shawnathann answered:

Add me guys! 3926-6324-6996 and shoot me an email letting me know you did so. Along with your friend code and I will add you! I have beaten the game and play often. My email is thank you!
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Jayrizard answered:

Added everybody. Jay 463993529588. Elite 4 done
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Jester0305 answered:

I have added everyone. My friend code is 4656-7965-8397
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macdre42 answered:

Added everyone. Please add me, I beat the Elite four. My FC is 1822-0350-7720. Thanks.
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macdre42 answered:

send me an email with your FC to confirm. My email is
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Frostbite328 answered:

Add me please. 3067-5927-0246 :)
will add everyone here too. :)
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MavenNightmare answered:

FC: 5300-9178-6971 I have beaten the Elite Four. I Have Ghost type apparently. I will add everyone on here
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Villeclint answered:

My code is 4897 6268 1287 I've beaten the elite 4
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sharpfan101 answered:

FC-3368-3149-9059. Beaten the E4. Very active. Shoot me a PM if you add me with your FC so I can add back :)
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wallroom answered:

FC: 1719-4505-0508
Name: Ogishi
Beat the elite four
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goodralord answered:

Beaten Elite
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stellar20andy answered:

Adding everyone! :) add me back please FC 0275-9317-2120
names: Andy
Beaten Elite 4
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Agnstallodds21 answered:

Added everyone and I beat the elite 4 plus I'm on frequently. 0731-6044-5209
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Agnstallodds21 answered:

I got tired half way up the list or so, so if you add me shoot me a PM.
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Kirby48 answered:

Please add me too 4425-1957-6650. I have a rock type!
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Sdotk85 answered:

Please add me FC: 3711 - 7996 - 5869. I don't know what my friend safari type is or what pokes in it. Thanks.
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spark119 answered:

i wanna activate the 3rd slot most of all my fc is:
pls tell me when to be connected and if u have completed the gamem. i have.
send me a PM iff u added me and ur code pls thx beforehand :D
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TerroristElmo69 answered:

Hey guys and gals. Add me please.
FC: 485472231910
Name: Gage
I've beaten the elite four
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KendraNyx answered:

Please add my fc: 167641694367 :) i beat the elite four and my safari is ice.
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weskeruc answered:

Steel type friend safari here and I looking for whirlipede in friend safari. :X does anyone know anyone that has it in their FC?

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MrJrizz answered:

Add me! Flying safari here
Beaten Elite Four
Looking for Steel types and Psychic types

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mattygibbs answered:

My name is Matt
My FC is 083419800332
Message me when you add me I have added all of you
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mattygibbs answered:

Have also beaten the elite 4
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Joely_boi answered:

Hi all, would love for everyone to add me :)
My code is 096303039112

Thanks in advance :)
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impulsiv3 answered:

Feel free to add me, just let me know if you do (:
Fc is 4613 7282 9562
Name is impulsive3 thanks everyone (:
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Menphes answered:

Yo, I've added everyone above, will check back for others from time to time! :D

FC: 2552-2682-6541
Name: Hawk
I have also beaten the Elite Four.
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matthews9292 answered:

Friend code is 5000 - 4110 - 3451 Beaten the Elite Four, specifically looking for a frogadier with Protean.
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tbacheldor answered:

My friend code is 1263 7330 4025 add me and send me a message with your friend code :)
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Joely_boi answered:

I have added everyone since my last post and will keep adding anyone else so add me please and I will add you back :)

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noed057 answered:

4742-7217-3200 Add me and msg me your friend code! :)
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ashuaswin93 answered:

Joely_boi, noed057, i added you both pls. add me back.
FC: 3626-0097-7445
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meru21 answered:

well if ppls are still adding add me FC-298178297660
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phillipjfry99 answered:

I added everyone on here, please add me: 5343-8549-3346
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janzwep answered:

Ive added you all for friend safari

Ive beaten elite four
Fc: 1564-1929-2217
Name Thrinaria

Dunno my type safari
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glitch12330 answered:

I beaten elite four 2380 4842 3454 name kota
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cm1233 answered:

Hey guys not sure what type I am but I've beaten the elite 4. My friend code is 1392 - 5509 - 0319 thanks I'm on all the time so add me please.
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ShockyGBear answered:

Adding as many of you as possible. Here's my info.

Name: Shock
FC: 3754-8671-5700
Beat Elite Four.
Have no idea what type my safari is yet.
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