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Best/top nature(s) for Mega Charizard X?

I can't decide to decrease either Sp. Attack or Attack and increase either one of them. Since Charizard X's base stat of Sp. Defense is the lowest compared to any other of its stats besides HP. I'm thinking of increasing Sp. Defense to make the stats more balanced but then I don't know which stat to decrease (sacrifice). What do you guys recommend me and why? This is a really tough choice :/ Thanks to everyone who answered.

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holon_zz answered:

The most generic Charizard X set uses Jolly nature(-SpAtk +Speed) and maxed out Attack and Speed EVs(do Attack and Speed super training until these are maxed out), to outspeed other fast Pokemon, and uses only Physical attacks to abuse it's Tough Claws ability that increases the power of moves that make contact(Outrage and Flare Blitz are the strongest physical attacks Charizard can get) times 1.3.

Coupled with Dragon dance and Earthquake Charizard can sweep teams if your opponent is not prepared for it.
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