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Mega Mewtwo Y in Pokemon X?

I have Pokemon X, but I don't like Mega Mewtwo X. If I transfer the Mewtwonite Y from a Pokemon Y game to my Pokemon X, will my Mewtwo be able to evolve into Mega Mewtwo Y?

FinalEclipse06 provided additional details:

I actually haven't started the game yet. I've been waiting for more info about movelists to come out on Serebii and have just been thinking of what Pokemon I want to use and what moves I want them to know. I'd be happy to trade you once I've started the game and gotten to the point where I can catch Mewtwo, but if you find someone else to trade with you before then, don't hold yourself back on my account.

Accepted Answer

0HY34Y answered:

Trade Mewtwo X for Mewtwo Y. You can evolve it to its mega form.I have Y and caught Mewtwo Y. Ill trade if you want because i dont like Mewtwo Y AT ALL. FC= 1048-8662-6504
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VongolaPrimo123 answered:

I give you a ditto with IMPOSTER or kecleon with PROTEAN
FC 0748 2409 8064
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