Question from Gamer22Frantic

Can someone help me find the Thunderstone on Route 13?

Can anyone help me with a map of some sort to where exactly this is supposed to be found? I need to get this one.


Mieu-chan answered:

When you enter Route 13 from the south, walk along until you reach the part were the route is divided by those low stone fences and the giant monoliths begin standing around. Keep to the left, in the second square you enter, it's in the upper left corner, a Pokeball between patches of grass. There's a psychic trainer running circles just south of it.
Hope you can find it :)
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rodan19 answered:

You can find one easier on route 10. It,s right there at where the big stone's and grass are. I already evolved my Eevee to an high attack and speed Jolteon which I thought was worth it. Dont evolve your Pikachu! he's already perfect.
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hungryrandomboi answered:

Try super training as another option! you can easily get infinite thunderstones by battling stunfisk over and over! there's a 1/8 chance of it dropping a thunderstone when popped!
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