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Question about pokemon bank transfer process?

Hello. Okay, so i read on serebii that the bank will not allow the transfer of "cheated" pokemon. Do they mean cheated as in crazy stats or just how you caught them?

I did use a action replay but only to catch ones I liked/thought they were cool. I built a team around them and would be devastated if I was not able to transfer them over. I did all this in Soul Silver, transferred them to white and now awaiting the bank to bring them to Y.

Anyone with info or can validate this PLEASE let me know. Thank you.

GhostRiderOwnz provided additional details:

Thank you very much. I did happen to catch some of my guys from the off routes, ex: wanted the perfect mewtwo so i put the code and just happened to be near goldenrod city or something and caught him there instead of in the cave. But I guess I'll have to see once the bank is up and running.


SmokeRulz answered:

It's unknown right now how the Bank app's detector will work, since the app hasn't been released, and the full technical details haven't been released either.

It may depend on the Pokemon you caught. If you just used an AR device to catch Pokemon that already existed in the game, on the routes they're naturally caught on, using a "Always Catch" code or something, you may be fine, because those Pokemon are essentially natural and not edited in anyway. I can't guarantee this, but it's my best assumption.

If you caught Pokemon that were not supposed to be in the game, or hacked their statistics or moves in some way, then it's likely the detector is going to pick it up. That's the kind of stuff I figure this detector is going to nail, which makes sense. If your team is natural, then I wouldn't worry, but ultimately, we're just going to have to wait until the game is released.

You can also probably just breed them to get a perfectly legal Egg if you so desire, then raise it anew in X/Y. The next generation of your mons, so to speak. :)
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