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What is the best strategy for battle maison?

hey please help me i always lose in the battle maison in super single battle

my team is:
first ampharos ,item ampharosite
-focus blast
-dragon pulse
-wild charge
second greninja , item focus band
-hydro cannon
-hydro pump
-ice beam
-dark pulse
third aurorus , item air ballon
-stone edge
-hyper beam

please help me whats is wrong :(((

thank you.....
FC:4356 0335 6730 pokemon x

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Bulbizarre answered:

Look the battle maison is the worst for hax (critical hits,doging moves) basically chance is on their side so you need to get rid of moves that dont have 100 accuracy and don't try anything gimmicky like double team because they will hit u.
Not just for your team but for any team against the battle maison
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smith433 answered:

It looks like you have a decent team, although some of the overlapping moves could be gotten rid of and replaced with something better. For example: your geninja knows hydro cannon and hydro pump.

I realize why you have that since when you play the story mode, there is nothing worse than being in the middle of the elite four and run out of a needed type move (fire for the steel master, or water for the fire master.)

The battle maison requires a different strategy though. Moves with only 5 PP are completely acceptable and are often needed. Its OK though since you are healed between each battle.

Probably one of the more frustrating thing about the battle maison is the fact that there is not one standard set of duelists to face, like what you find in a gym for example. Therefore, there is a high degree of unpredictability involved in these runs (especially when they start to bring more heavy hitting pokemon.)

Overall, you have to be persistent. My advice is that if you are doing the maison to get BP, I personally opt for the Battle Institute myself in these situation since I have more success there. If you are doing the maison just for the challenge, then just be persistent.

I hope that this helps.
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KittchenSmelter answered:

To many repeat moves like hydro pump and cannon. And your team has to low of speed except for greninja.
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catabolize answered:

Teams no good
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Raistlin-Majere answered:

Add me
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ArcaneGhostVeng answered:

You need to have lots of variety in your team. Never have two moves of the same type. Also figure out a strategy, like use a Blissey with Toxic, Protect, Soft-Boiled, and maybe Fire Blast. Just don't always aim for sweeping Pokemon as they can't br very useful all the time.
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