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Asked: 9 months ago

Sea spirits den and chamber of emptiness?

What is the propose of these locations?

Additional details - 9 months ago

Ok, thanks, but I didn't know about the mega ring upgrade, how do I get that?

Additional details - 8 months ago

Figured out the mega ring thing.

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From: SmokeRulz 9 months ago

The Chamber of Emptiness has a Plate in it, and once you've upgraded your Mega Ring, will have a Mega Stone hiding in it between 8p-9p. It's possible it may have some kind of Event related to it later, but we'll have to see.

Sea Spirit's Den is where your legendary bird will challenge you after it's ran from you in battle enough times. Once you run into it, you can track it via Pokedex and try and get it to keep running, then it will fly to the Den.

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@ Additional Details

Once you've beaten the Elite Four, Sycamore will have you go to the Lumiose Station, and give you a ticket to Kiloude City. Go to Kiloude and try out the Battle Maison. You only need to do 1 fight if you want, then just quit. Once you've tried it, your Rival appears for a battle in the north end of the city, so go fight them.

Once you win, they tell you that Sycamore is in Anistar City by the giant sundial. So head there and speak to him, and he'll use some fancy magic or whatever to upgrade your Mega Ring so it can find sparkly hidden Mega Stones on the ground, but only between 8p-9p. I'd recommend looking up a list of them, they're pretty spread out, but if you're quick you can get them all in less than an hour.

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