Question from bammmmmm

Where can I find shiny deino? ( pokemon y or x )

Any1 have a shiny deino they can trade me?? Will trade anything I got for it :)

bammmmmm provided additional details:

Thanks :) il def trade for ya ditto as I been tryin breed shiny deino without a foreign... Is it still possible breeding a shiny without a foreign though?? :)


MiniBois answered:

You might want to go to the Trading Boards for these more rare Pokemon. If you want to breed one yourself, be sure to breed a Deino with a Ditto from somewhere else in the world (search the Masuda Method) If you want a Ditto from the Netherlands, I could help you with that.
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bammmmmm answered:

Thanks :) il def trade for ya ditto as I been tryna breed without a foreign , just wondering can u stil breed shiny without a foreign??
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