Question from The_mega_mawile

Does anyone have a meloetta for trade?!?

I missed the event for meloetta and I really want one! I can offer shiny pokemon in x and y (I know not much) I am willing to even two for one. You can also trade me in pokemon black where I have much better offers if you have meloetta in pokemon black or white!


GameReviewer1 answered:

Not in a million years :D
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Lucario39 answered:

You should probably post this on the Trading Board, not the Answer section. People usually only look here if they have a question or want to answer someone's question, meaning that you're probably missing out on a large number of potential trading partners.
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Ronnieh89 answered:

Got one. But I need a darkrai or arceus
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XSkyfer answered:

Ronnieh89 Im willing to trade my Arceus for it.
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XxRobotxX answered:

Better to use the trade board.
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1stGiant answered:

I also have a Meloetta I am willing to trade but only for a Genesect. I'd prefer the shiny red one.
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SammiTheUnholy answered:

I have Meloetta
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JMaverick answered:

I have a Darkrai for a Meloetta: 0361-8935-2522
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Momomellow answered:

Does anyone still have a Meloetta? I know I probably shouldn't post on here but worth a shot. I will trade any of my Pokemon for Meloetta as long as they're a decent level- but I don't mind leveling Meloetta up myself- just as long as I have Meloetta. ;p
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Lucariloo answered:

I probably shouldnt be asking but i need a meloetta as well. i'm willing to trade a shiny mew or hoopa (or mesprit or azelf because i literally have nothing good at the moment x3) i dont care about the level or whether its shiny or not, i dont. just as long as its legal (not hacked or cloned).
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