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Breeding a shiny pokemon using the time machine method?

I want to breed a shiny Honedge with 31 IVs in HP, Attack, Defense, S. Attack(this one I could do without),S. Defense and 0 IVs for Speed. Now I know that IVs, gender, and Abilities passed down from each parent are predetermined. My question is this, is the shiny egg value of an egg predetermined too or could I soft reset to before I picked up the egg and continue hatching until I get a shiny Honedge. I've tried googling this but couldn't find the exact answer to this question. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

DivineVizard420 provided additional details:

so if I use a magikarp and a foreign magikarp and get a shiny then sr and switch the 2 for a honedge and a foreign honedge then the egg should still give me a shiny then right?


RandomMode answered:

No, once the egg is created, everything is set. This includes it's shiny or not. I have read that the IVs and the such only become set once you pick it up, but I don't know how to confirm this.
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PSCHARFF98 answered:

No the values and contents of an egg are determined when the egg is picked up
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