Question from XShyNightmareX

Does Anyone Have A Shaymin And Keldeo They'd Be Willing to Give Me?

I really want a Shaymin and Keldeo, but none of my close friends have any extra ones. My Friend Code is 3625 - 9024 - 4106. Please only give me your code back if you have one.

ghost_tails asked for clarification:

If you're not interested in hacks, nobody will give you one for free, and probably not even for anything you have, unless you happen to have something truly incredible. These things have quite a bit of value to them, like all the event exclusives. However, if you want to try anyway, you're better served by the Trade Boards, which you can find on the blue bar above.


KeyBlade999 answered:

Keep in mind what ghost_tails said. That said, this is the link to the Trade Boards.
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