Question from coolmandragoon

Asked: 9 months ago

How do and were in pokemon village do u find banette?

The internet said on Thursdays but it did not say how.

Additional details - 9 months ago

Not the mega stone.

Additional details - 9 months ago

The pokemon banette is not in the chamber of emptiness i already got the mega stone out of there. I just need to find the pokemon banette.

Additional details - 9 months ago

It is in the trash can right. cause i tryed that and got something else on thursday.

Accepted Answer

From: SmokeRulz 9 months ago

I know you're talking about the Pokemon, not the stone. My answer still stands. It's found at the Pokemon Village, and only on Thursdays, after you've cleared the Elite Four.

Alternatively, Shuppets can be found at the Friend Safari, but you'll need friends on your list who are marked with Ghost type, and Shuppet ends up being one of their three Safari mons. I have some, myself.

Lastly, the GTS is always an option too. Go on there, pick to Seek a pokemon, then scroll all the way down and select "What Pokemon?" Type in Shuppet or Banette and see if anyone is biting.

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From what I can tell, it's in the "Cave of Emptiness", and only starts appearing there after you've beaten the Elite Four. And yes, Thursdays only.

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