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Asked: 6 months ago

The dark pulse at route 15 is missing?!?

I went to the location where the dark pulse is,its missing what should i do?

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Head down to route 16, you'll need waterfall and cut. take lefts until you reach a hill with a pier, this is also the place you'll find the super rod and chain fishing down the hill I do believe. There will be a river with a waterfall to the top right, so take that back up. You should be back on route 15 at this point, so cut the tree you find and snag the yellow item ball.

If you still need cut, you can get it in the perfume palace backyard, in the maze to the far left of the fountain.

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on route 16, go down the 1st steps, past the tag team duo,past the wandering girl DONT go down the 2nd steps, go north thru the grass, use cut on a tree and theres a waterfall, climb and follow the water to find dark pulse

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