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Asked: 5 months ago

Can someone plz help me evolve my scyther in pokemon x?!

Hi, i have a scyther with a metal coat and really want to evolve it. Plz help me. I don't want any scams, just someone trust worthy.

friend code: 4484-8923-6168

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I can help I need to evolve my scyther and rhydon. My friend code is 2938-6043-8455. I added you

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How to evolve Scyther All just 1 easy step!

1. Trade Scyther while it holds METAL COAT

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Hey guys could you help me evolve my poliwhirl into a politoed??
My friend code is: 1547 - 5958 - 6001
Thanks for your help!

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RNLX, you still looking for help? I need to evolve my scyther.

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Guys please help me anyone :c guy that asked this question i would love to help you with any pokemon evolving man! the jerks on the game keep stealing my pokemon and not giving them back anyone i can trust please help me this guy kalam i was trading my kadabra to evolve it and he took my alakazam and left :'( anyone trust worthy please help me <3 F.C 2380-4284-3436 thankyou so much anyone that helps! :)

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Please help me evolve my scyther. I would gladly help you jakemika but in return please help me evolve my scyther... F.C. 1864 - 9750 - 7861

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I have a scyther needs evolving. I'll help any if you FC 1392-4967-9553

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