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Asked: 6 months ago

Where are all the mega stones?

I know you have to look between 8-9am but whereabouts are they or dot hey change every time

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It's 8 to 9pm. To find locations, search on google

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Look this up: where to get mega stones in pokemon x Its the first link

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Check this.

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They never change. For the ones people don't give you:

Alakazite: Depths of Reflection Cave
Kangaskhanite: Glittering Cave (I think it's in the first fork to the right)
Pinsirite/Heracronite: Santalune Forest, at the sign in the entrance from Route 2
Gyaradosite: Couriway Town, at the waterfall area by the hotel.
Mewtwoite: Catch Mewtwo and you'll automatically receive it
Scizorite: Behind the Abomasnow in Frost Cavern
Manectite/Houndoominite: Somewhere in Route 16
Tyranitarite/Aggronite: Dead-end area of Cyllage Gym
Mawilite: Shabboneau Castle
Banettite: Chamber of Emptiness (Route 22), in the very back
Garchompite: Somewhere in an outdoor area of Victory Road

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