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Answered Questions Answers
Can I delete my save data? 10
How do you reset the game? 2
How do you add friends for pokemon y? 193
6th Gen Hidden Ability Breeding? 4
Super Rod (Fishing rod) Location? 5
How exactly does the Destiny Knot work? 1
Where do I get meloetta or keldeo in X or Y? 7
Is this a good team for competitive battling? 20
Lumiose City Boutique Discount Coupon? 3
Could Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde be shiny? 25
Recent Questions Answers
How do you get a female or shiny starter in X/Y? 6
Pokemon X won't SAVE OR DELETE? 2
How do i fix a black screen when launching pokemon x? 1
Shiny Glaceon giveaway? 2
Pokemon X Mystery gift error code 004-3003? 0
Which eeveelution is best for battle? 1
Does anyone have a friend safari with Shinx, Luxio, or Luxray? 1
What is the best moveset for Pikachu? 0
Friend Safari what Pokemon I have in mine and if anyone has a Riolu/Whirlipede/Spiritomb in their safari? 0
Can some one Pokegen a Shiny Umbreon for me? 1
Unresolved Questions Answers
Dive? 7
Can someone help me find the Thunderstone on Route 13? 3
Is this a good move set for mega Charizard Y? 2
How can I Chain to get a Shiny Ralts or Magikarp? 2
Amaura Evolution!?!? 6
Where can I find a light ball? 5
Where can I find Luxio/Shinx/Luxray? 6
How can you get the expert belt? 2
Can a male hidden ability be pass down to a difference pokemon? 6
How do i get to Ambrette Town? 3

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