Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Anybody have a shiny Azurill? 3
Anyone figured out the Style system yet? 1
Anyone has a Prinplup safari ? 1
Anyone with normal friend safari (Eevee or ditto preferred)? 51
Breeding wrong? 1
Can someone trade my porygon back to me? 1
Cant trigger Looker Holo Caster message and Serena rematch? 2
Codes? 68
Completing the Kalos dex? 2
does anyone have a Braixen in there friend safari? because i really want one my friend code is 4957 3859 6802 2
Does anyone have a friend safari with tauros? 2
Does anyone know what tasks to do after the Pokemon league? 4
Does the Masuda Method work BEFORE beating the elite four? 2
Feebas friend safari?? 1
Friend code swap for friend safari? 88
Friend Code Swap? 6
Friend code trades? 2
Friend Codes for the friend safari ? 11
Friend safari friend codes ? 1
Friend Safari Type and Pokemon? 30
Help, Im new and i don't have friends in my 3ds!!!? 12
How can i see how many hearts I have in pokemon amie? 1
How do I evolve Magneton and Nosepass? 1
How do I get more friend codes? 2
How do i get rotom? 6
How do I get the 'Trick Master' global link medal? 3
How do I get the Big Yarn Bonus in Head it? 5
How do I get the dog!?!? (Frufrou) 1
How do I get the pokemon Finneon in X? 1
How do I get to the 8th gym? 3
How do I see the boss on the lost hotel on route 15? 2
How do I solve the Looker quest No. 5 pinball maze? 3
How do I upgrade my mega ring after finishing the game? 7
How many Pokemon exist at the moment? 1
How Much is Set with the Friend Safari? 2
How to enter fenced off area in route 22? 1
I need a Ditto safari to make my dream come true ? 7
I need a fairy type safari with kirlia? 1
Lava dome pokemon?! 2
LF Crawdaunt ? 1
Looking for friends for Friend Safari in Pokemon. Drop your friend codes and I'll add everyone!? 5
Lysandre Lab Door Wont Open? 4
Mankey friend safari? 1
My rival isn't where she should be in Kiloude city? 2
Need Friend Safari Exchange? (Especially Chansey, but i'll add all :D) 14
Nothing has happened after I beat the game... why? 1
Obtaining Pokemon with Hidden Abilities? 2
Online interaction with the battle maison? 1
Pokemon Meloetta Trade? FC:2509-1569-7340 I NEED MELOETTA!? 3
Sea spirits den and chamber of emptiness? 2
What does a level "start" mean when learning moves with regards to evolution? 2
Whats So Good About the Ditto Safari? 1
When do you get the second (1st Generation) starter? 2
Where can I nickname pokemon? 3
Where do I find a Ditto? 3
Where were the Looker Tickets? 1
Why don't it evolve? 1

Item Location Help Answers
2014 International Challenge May Entry Prize Enigma Berry? 3
5 iv solar power Charizard for a Griseous Orb? 2
Aggronite please? 1
Any way to obtain the two kanto starters you didn;t choose? 2
Anyone have ditto in their safari? 1
Anyone Have shiny Charms??? 1
Anyone wanna trade their Charizardite Y for my Charizardite X? 5
Anyone want my Charizardite X for Charizardite Y? 1
Anyone want to trade me an aggronite for my tyranitarite? 3
Anyone want to trade their tyranitarite for my aggronite? 2
Anyone willing to trade away a charizardite y to get a charizardite x? 1
Anyone willing to trade Charizardite X for a Charizardite Y? 1
Anyone willing to trade me a blazikenite? 24
Anyone willing to trade me a Froakie? 1
Anyone willing to trade me Charizardite Y for my Charizardite X? 1
Anyone willing to trade their Aggronite for my Tyranitarite? 16
Arcanine: choice band or choice scarf? 1
Are held items needed for Link-Trade evolutions consumed upon use? 3
Are Shiny Stones infinite in Super Training? 3
Are there hairstyles/colors to unlock for male trainers? 3
Are TM's reusable still as they were in black / white? 2
Assualt Vest vs. Hidden Abilities? 1
Berry growing question? 1
Buying Charizardite? 2
Buying extra Charazardite X after trading it? 1
Can any one please help me and trade me a ditto?? pleases?!! 1
Can anyone help me get the mega stones exclusive to Pokemon Y? 1
Can anyone trade a swift swim poliwag to me? 1
Can anyone trade me a tyranitarite for my aggronite? 4
Can anyone trade me aggronite? 1
Can anyone trade me blazikenite? 1
Can anyone trade me the charizardite X mega stone? Willing to trade shinies. 1
Can holding the Light Ball (Pikachu's item) and using Fling paralyse a Ground-type Pokemon? 1
Can I change my Bicycle color after choosing one? 2
Can I get all megastones? 3
Can i get another torchic (mystery gift) if i restart my save? 7
Can I get more than one of the same Mega Stone? 5
Can I use Poke Bank to transfer mega stones from X to Y? 2
Can someone give me a blazikenite? 1
Can someone trade me a charizardite x for my charizardite y? 1
Can someone trade me a Charizardite X? Offering Charizardite Y 24
Can someone trade me a Charizardite Y for a Charizardite X? 2
Can someone trade me a houndoomite please??? 1
Can someone trade me a Manectie for my Houndoomite in pokemon y? 1
Can someone trade me a non-shiny Mew? 25
Can someone trade me a tyranitarite for my aggronite? 6
Can someone trade me Aggronite for my Tyranitarite? 28
Can someone trade me an Aggronite for my Tyranitarite? please 1
Can you steal held items? 2
Can you use the Ability Capsule to change FROM a Hidden Ability? 2
Capture of Encounter for Pokedex? 1
Charcoal and Mystic Water? 3
Charizardite x no longer being offered at the stone emporium? (Y version) 1
Charizardite Y for Charizardite X ? 3
Charizardite Y? 1
Ditto? 2
Do Pokemon in Berry Trees on the farm reduce yield? 1
Does anyone have a charmeleon in their friend safari? 1
Does anyone have a contrary Snivy? preferably female? 2
Does anyone have a Ditto-Friend Safari and would like to exchange Friend Codes? 6
Does anyone have a Fire type Safari with a Charmeleon? 13
Does anyone have a normal safari with dittos in pokemon x and y? 5
Does Anyone Have A Qualot Berry? 1
Does anyone have ditto friend safari? 2
Does anyone need their everstone for breeding in pokemon x and y? 1
Does Rare Candy evolve Pokemon that evolve via happiness this Gen? 1
Does Ring Target remove type status immunities? 3
Dragon Friend Safari? 1
Evolving traded Pokemon? 2
Females get no Pangoro hat? 1
Fishing rod Location? 5
Friend codes for Feebas? 1
Friend Safari (Fighting) Add me? 2
Geetting the 3rd 1st generation mega stone? 1
Houndoominite ? 2
Houndoomite? 1
How "stylish" do I need to be to get in Boutique Couture? 6
How can I get a Kee and Maranga berry? 2
How can I get reset bag? 2
How can I trade pokemon holding megastones between my pokemon x and pokemon y games? 2
How do I feed my pokemon?? 2
How do I get a petaya berry? 1
How do I get the three Legendary Birds? 1
How do I get Venusaur to learn Stun Spore? 2
How Do i teach disable to gengar ? 1
How do i unlock more clothing/hairstyles? 1
How do i upgrade the mega ring? 2
How does Exp share work exactly? 2
How does Light Clay work? 1
How exactly does the Destiny Knot work? 1
How Rare Is It To Get Pokerus? 1
How to get absolite? 1
How to get the Hatching O-Power? 2
I am trading a Mewtwonite X for Charizardnite Y? 1
I can't find kangaskhanite or aggronite but when looking it up it says i should have found it by now. why do i need a ? 1
I can't find Pikachu anywhere? 3
I have a bagon and fletchlinder with hidden ability. will anyone give me a shiny pokemon for it? 1
I have charizardite X and want Y, does someone want to trade? 2
I need a charizardite x but the guy isnt selling it. What do i do? 1
I need a charizardite x but the guy wont sell it. What do i do? 1
I need a Friend Safari with dittos? 2
I need help to obtain the shiny charm please? 1
I traded away my Lucky Egg, can someone help me out? 1
I traded away my rocky helmet, can you help me out? 1
I traded shaymin sky and he changed form, how can i change him back? 1
I want charizardite Y ,Please trade for Charizardite X? 1
I want turtwig/torterra? 2
I'm looking for Electric Friend Safari w/ a Shinx or Luxio? 3
Is anyone willing to trade Charizardite Y for my Charizard X? 1
Is anyone willing to trade Charizardite Y for X? 1
Is it possible to complete the Pokedex via normal ways? 1
Is it possible to get more than one Assault Vest? 2
Is there a way to unlearn HM moves? 1
Is there an item or ability in pokemon x that increases the likelyhood on encountering psychic type pokemon in the wild? 1
Is there an Item that allows you to hit opposing pokemon with moves that would otherwise be ineffectiv? 1
Japanese Ditto! TRADE ME!? 1
Knock Off and HP/Pinch Berries? 1
LF a safari with Togepi or Ninetails, please help? I don't know how to use this site all that well, sorry guys.. 1
List of all Mega Evolutions? 1
Mega Mewtwo Y in Pokemon X? 2
Megastone concerns? 1
Might my smeargle be from an English player in stead of JPN? (masuda method) 2
Need a Liepard or Purrloin with Prankster want to trade? 1
Need a Tyrogue friend safari? 12
Need help with ditto and frokie pokemon safari!!? 1
Plz Can anyone help me get a froakie with protean ? 12
Pokemon Friend Code Exchange!? 16
Rare candies? 1
Roller Blades, off/on option? 4
Scizor trade? 1
Sharing friend codes for friend safari? 2
Shiney Eevee? 1
So I Know All About O-Power Levels, But How Do I Unlock Different Opowers? 2
So, Can anyone help me out with a shiny question? 1
Someone can trade me a Rotom timid or Modest ? 1
Starting clothes? 1
Super Rod (Fishing rod) Location? 5
The extent of the shiny charms power...? 1
Trade charizardite x for a charizardite y? 3
Trade charzardite x for charizardite y? 1
Trading charizardite y for a charizardite x? 1
Trading my charizardite x for y,add me? 1
Vulpix or Ninetailes? 1
Weakness policy? 1
Were is it? 1
What Pokemons DONT count towards the shiny charm?? 1
Whats the best way to get shinies with Poke Radar? 1
Where can I buy luxury balls? 1
Where can I buy vitamins in Kalos? 1
Where can I find (non-elemental evolution stones)? 1
Where can I find (scope lens)? 1
Where can I find a leaf stone and a dusk stone? 1
Where can I find a lucky egg? 1
Where can I find a sap sipper azurill.? 1
Where can I find a shiny stone? 2
Where can I find a Tanga berry? 2
Where can I find additional King's Rocks? 4
Where can I find Binicle? 1
Where can I find Blazikenite without the event? 2
Where can I find Dawn Stone? 2
Where can I find each Mega Evolution stone? 1
Where can I find expert belt? a pokemodel mosswine is blocking the way. 1
Where can I find extra Metal Coats? 1
Where can I find fossils? 3
Where can I find Full Incense? 1
Where can I find gengarite? 2
Where can I find heart scales? 6
Where can I find horde luring items? 2
Where can I find Lansat and Starf berries? 1
Where can I find leftovers? 2
Where can I find Light Clay (Besides Farming Golett)? 3
Where can I find masterballs? 4
Where can I find Metal Coat? 13
Where can I find more Metal Coats & Kings Rock? 1
Where can I find mutations ? 1
Where can I find Old Amber? 3
Where can I find Pokemail? 2
Where can I find PP Restoring Power? 2
Where can I find Prism Scale? 1
Where can I find professor's treasure? 3
Where can I find Shuca Berry? 3
Where can I find Sleep Powder? 2
Where can I find Smoke Bomb? 1
Where can I find the Dawn Stone other than the one in Route 3 by the pond? 8
Where can I find The Dusk Stone? 3
Where can I find the electric rock to evolve? 1
Where can I find the Elemental Gems? 2
Where can I find the Game Director NPC? 1
Where can I find the HMs? 4
Where can I find the Name Rater? 3
Where can I find the pangoro hat? 1
Where can I find the TM For Dark Pulse? 1
Where can I find the Waterfall HM? 1
Where can I find TM 71? 1
Where can I find TM Rock Smash? 1
Where can I find train pass? 1
Where can I find Tyranitarite? Glitched game? 1
Where can I find/buy more Shiny Stones? 1
Where can I get a Chimchar with Iron Fist? 1
Where can i learn hypnosis? 1
Where do I find a certain stone? 1
Where do I get heart scales? 1
Where do u find a shiny stone? 1
Where does the Intriguing Stone do? 1
Where is the tm flash cannon? 2
Who can use tm 54? 1
Who has Eevee in their friend safari? I will give 5 iv charmander/dratini for an ha eevee caught in premier ball 8
Who is willing to trade a Blazenkenita? 2
Who wants a charizardite x? will trade for charizardite y? 1
Who wants to trade either an abomasnowite or an areodactyllite for a gardevoirite? (spelling)? 1
Why can't I find the alakazite? 4
Why won't any post-game mega-stones appear for me? 3
Why won't the hidden stones appear? 1
Will anyone trade me a Mewtwonite Y for Mewtwonite X or Tyranitarite? 1
Will I lose my item using fling? 2
Would anyone be so kind as to give me their destiny knot? 3

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
4th Gen Illegal Moveset Question? 1
A good team? 1
A question about EV training? 1
A Question About Rare Candies? 1
A question about stat Leveling? 1
A really good in-game team????? 1
A replacement for Garchomp? 1
Ability Capsule Questions? 1
Am I doing some breeding wrong? 2
Am I doing something wrong with destiny knot? 1
Am I IV breeding these Pokemon correctly? 1
Ampharos/Jolteon/Magnezone Which one? 1
Anti Mega-Evolution? 1
Any good ways to level up? 5
Any suggestions for the last move slot of my newly bred Lucario? 1
Anybody up to a trade for megatones and/or dragons? 1
Anybody want to share friend codes? 16
Anybody willing to share their FC? 1
Anyone have a Female Riolu/Lucario (4-5IVs) with Prankster? (borrowing for breeding is ok too!) 1
Anyone have Fire or Water Friend Safari and want to exchange Friend Codes??? 93
are Legendaries banned in Battle Maison? 2
Are starters special? 3
Assault vest heatran help? 1
Bagon,or Shelgon With Hidden ability? 1
Battle Maison Team?? 1
Best Ev spread for my Kelfki? 1
Best HM Slaves? 1
Best Mega Blastoise Moveset? 9
Best nature for hawlucha? 1
Best nature for Tyranitar? 1
Best place to level up high level pokemon?? 3
Best shiny Mr. Mime moveset? 1
Best umbreon move set??? 22
Best/top nature(s) for Mega Charizard X? 1
Blissey? And FC Exchange! 2
Bouncey froakie? 1
Breed torchic? 2
Breeding for Hidden Ability from same egg group? 1
Breeding for male with ability? 3
Breeding Help 4iv Froakie + 2iv Ditto? 1
Breeding with a perfect IV'd Ditto with correct nature? 1
Can a male pass down the Hidden Ability? 1
Can all pokemon in the friend safari have their hidden ability, or is it just restricted to third slot pokemon? 1
Can eevee's evolution mega evolve? 2
Can I delete my save data? 10
Can I Get Help On Tips For Competitive Battling And Obtaining These Pokemon For Competitive Team? 1
Can Noivern learn any Water moves? 2
Can someone suggest a sixth pokemon for my team? Any tips would be appreciated too 2
Can starters have the hidden ability from the start or do you have breed/trigger event/use item/etc. to get it? 1
Can togekiss learn defog on X/Y? 1
Can you baton pass acid armor on a pokemon wearing a assault vest? 1
Can you explain egg moves? 1
Can you guys help me with my stall scolipede? 1
Can you help me finish building my team in pokemon x? 1
Can you keep mega forms? 2
Can't decide on my final team? 1
Chamber of Emptiness? 3
Charizard or Blaziken? 1
Charizard, Talonflame or Braviary? 1
Competitive Team Building? 1
Dark type move or Ghost type move? 1
Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast Gardevoir? 1
Ditto friend safari please please please? 1
Do i need to talk to the fisherman on route 16 before chain fishing? 1
Do power items affect super training? 1
Do you get EVs when you catch Pokemon? 2
Does anybody exchange his FriendCode (Friend Safari) ? :D 7
Does anyone have a bronzong safari? 1
Does anyone have a Xerneas to trade? 1
Does anyone want to trade friend codes for friend safari? 5
Does Aroma Veil protect Aromatisse itself from Taunt, or only its allies? 1
Does Exp. Share transfer EVs anymore? 2
Does Pokemon X Get Harder? 1
Does the Exp Share item share EVs even if the Pokemon in-battle has its stats maxed out? 1
Does the move 'Venom Drench' affect Pokemon with poison heal? 1
Does time have an effect on which Pokemon appear? 1
Does tipping help? 1
Does trading away original first Pokemon affect legendary bird encounter? 1
dose the 3 pokemon your friends have in the Friend Safari change? 13
Dratini with Extremespeed?? 1
Eevee breeding with wish and yawn at the same time? 1
Eevee IV help??? 1
Ev spread for all Deoxys forms? 2
EV training help? 1
EV's and IV's? 2
Evolving my Eevee? 3
EVS for defensive tyranitar?? 1
EVS For Scizor?? 1
EVs from capturing? 1
Exchange Friend Codes for Friend Safari? (Pokemon Y) 20
exchange friend codes for Pokemon X and Y friend safari?? 101
Exploud, Lopunny, or Audino? 1
Female Togepi and Male Togepi/Togekiss Won't Breed - Why? 1
Fighting moves for Chesnaught? 1
Final Addition to Online Team Help? 2
Flygon or Garchomp? 1
Friend Safari Hidden Ability? 1
Friend safari? 1
Friend Safari???? 15
Froakie with protean?!?!?!? 1
Garchomp or Salamence? 2
Gogoat or Leafeon? 1
Good competitive moveset for Mr.Mime in XY? 1
Good competitive team? 1
good natures for Leafeon for Pokemon x? 1
Good team against fairies? 2
Goomy with gooey ability?? 1
Got a GREAT Modest Shiny Aromatisse, but I need a good Special Attacker Moveset. Help? 1
Help breeding HP Ice Tynamo? 1
Help completing my team!?! 1
Help me make a competitive team with these pokemon? 2
Help me make a rabbit team? 1
Help using the move Hex? 1
Help with a Competitive team? : ) 1
Help with breeding? 2
Help with my competitive pokemon team? 1
Help!! Hidden Ability Gliscor?!? 3
Help!! should i keep this cresselia or not? 2
Hidden Abilities in Hordes? 1
How Ally Switch and Wish interact in doubles? 1
How can I get Umbreon with Curse? 1
How did Return do so much damage? 1
How do I catch Zapdos? 1
How do I determine how many IVs my Pokemon has? 3
How do i know riolu is happy enough to evolve? 1
How do I make a Competitive Team? 1
How do you get the 3rd pokemon in Friend Safari? 63
How does changing your trained EVs at level 100 play out? 1
How does Hidden Power work? 1
How does the ability Flower Veil work? 1
How does waiting on evolution affect my Pokemon's stats? 2
How good is my team? 1
How to build a good team? And friend code exchange? 1
How to complete National Dex? 1
How to do the IV training thing ? 1
How to get earthpower on deino in pokemon x ? 2
How to get perish song? 1
I bred some Pokemon and received them in Quick Balls. How do I influence this? 1
I have an immunity gligar but I want poison heal? 2
I need help learning Phantom force? 1
I need to evolve my haunter? 1
I would like opinions on this strat/tag team i have been thinking about for double battles Let me know what you think? 1
I'm having IV breeding problems. What am i doing wrong? 1
Ice fang or dragon pulse for Aeordactyl? 1
If I fully EV train using Super Training, will pokerus have any effect? 1
Is 90% accuracy worth it? 1
Is a SpeAtk Lucario still viable? 1
Is it possible to trade with myself? 5
Is it too late to Super Train / EV? 1
Is modest a good nature for pachirisu? 1
Is my Druddigon useful for Attack? 1
Is my team any good for competitive battling? 3
Is naughty a good nature for cubchoo? 1
Is super training better for EV training? 10
Is supertraining over powered? 2
Is there anything else I need to do to get the Hatching O-Power? 1
Is there anyway to find out exact IVs? 1
Is this a good move set for Chesnaught? 1
Is this a good Pokemon X/Y Team? 1
Is this a good team for competitive battling? 20
Is this a good team for destroying? 1
Is this a good team? 3
Is this a good team? also friend code exchange! 2
Is this good for a double battle sun team? 1
Is this team great or what? 1
Is this team suitable? I need some suggestions 2
Is Timid a good nature for Fennekin? 1
IV Breeding Issues? 2
Jellicent move set help? 1
Juat a question about chain fishing and fainted pokemon? 1
Kadabra evolve to Alakazam? 1
Levelling up Mega Pokemon? 1
Mega Charizard X not doing Dragon double damage? 2
Mewtwo Stats? 1
Milotic and Aromatisse strategy item help? 1
Moveset for rotom wash?? 1
Multiple mega-evolutions per battle? 1
My Marill and Poliwhirl aren't breeding? 1
My team any good? For competitive battling 1
Need help choosing held items? 1
Need help to finish building my team!? 1
Need help with my team want hawlucha but.....need a good nature/moveset please help me:(:(? 1
Need Single Battle Competitive Team Advice? 1
Pick 6 pokemon from these...? 1
Pickpocket Weavile moveset? 1
Please help me with my competitive team? 2
Please help with my competitive team!? 1
Pokemon Nature quick question? 1
Pokemon Team Moveset Help? 1
Pokemon X and y safari friend code exchange please? 142
Pokemon x friend safari codes, wanna know type and pokemon?? 11
Pokemon X? 1
Pokerus and super training? 1
Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist supersize please? 1
Question regarding the Synchronize Ability? 1
Questions about EV/SuperTraining? 1
Quick Weather question? 1
Rate and Help with my Competitive team? 2
Rate my competitive Pokemon team? 1
Rate my Team Please??? 1
Rate my team plz!!?? 3
Rate my Team! Suggestions? 1
Rate my team? 1
Rate my teammmmmm? 1
RMT?: Monotype Dragon 3
Should i get a Pidgey or Farfetch'd? 1
Should I keep a Fairy type on my team? 1
Should I settle for a 4IV protean Froakie? 1
Should you EV in HP or split the Defences? 2
Soft Resetting + breeding? (for shiny) 1
Stealth rock breeding ?? 1
Stone edge or earthquake? 2
stupid question about Pokemon but here goes.....? 2
Super training and skills? 3
Super training, ev's, and battle? 1
Super Training? 1
Team Building Help Please? 1
Team Building Help? 1
Team building help? 1
Team Rating and Suggestions? 1
The best Eeveelution? 1
The chances of getting at least 1 Unnova Starter? 2
the ultimate Mega Mewtwo X from the past? 1
Tinted lens and Speed boost? 1
Tips for battling? Please help! 1
Toxic spikes and Sticky Web combination? 1
Ultimate Evasion Set? 1
Weavile or Mamoswine? 1
What area contains the strongest wild Pokemon? What levels? 3
What attacks (AOE) can damage hordes of enemies at once? 8
What can be improved for this team in terms of moves and maybe other pokemon? 1
What changes would you make to my team for competitive battling? 1
What does a move's Power mean? 1
What exactly are evs? 1
What is a good move set for flame body talonflame? 1
What is a good move set for my torrent greninja? 1
What is a good moveset for a tank Trevenant? 2
What is a good rapid spinner for my team on pokemon x? 1
What is the a good item to give to my Espeon? 2
What is the best Donphan moveset? 1
What is the best EV spread for a neutral-natured Sylveon? 2
What is the best ev spread for Aegislash? 3
What is the best HP for Gengar? 2
What is the best level to evolve a duoblade? 1
What is the best move for my charizard? 1
What is the BEST moveset/item for Mismagius? 1
What is the best Nature(s) for Froakie? 1
What is the best pokemon to Finish off my Team? 2
What is the best specializing team? 1
What is the best strategy for (An all Poison Type Team)? 2
What is the best strategy for (Rotom wash)? 1
What is the best strategy for battle maison? 6
What is the best strategy for breeding a Pokemon with its hidden ability and IVs? 1
What is the best strategy for getting a shiny druddigon? 1
What is the best strategy for getting lots of money fast? 1
What is the best strategy for hatching a shiny Vulpix? 2
What is the best way(s) to increase a pokemons friendship? 1
What item should my Arcanine hold? 1
What nature for fennekin? 1
What natures would you recommend me for Skiddo and Pancham and why? 1
What pokemon will help me best in this semi-competitive team? 2
What should be the last pokemon to be in my party? 1
What should my Garchomp's nature and ability be? 1
What should my Goodra be EV trained in? 1
What the heck does shiny mean? 1
What would be a good Pokemon for my team? 1
What's the best way to do well with Pokemon Amie? 3
Whats the best way to build Haunter/Gengar ? 1
When or how does Fletching evolve (evolution help)? 1
Where is the mega evolutionite for gardivior? any 1 no?? 2
Where should spewpa evolve to get all vivillion formes? 1
Which Eevee Evolution is best for my team? 2
Which one of my pokemon should mage evolve? 1
Which pokemon on my team should I swap out for a talonflame? 1
Which Pokemon should I keep in my party? 1
Which would you consider the best normal type pokemon? 1
Who do you think has the best mega evolution? 15
Who is more powerful? 2
Who should I use???? 1
Who would be a good addition to my team? 1
Why does Smogon recommend 252 Speed EV's for essentially every fast offensive Pokemon? 1
Will Transform copy the pumped stats and ability of a Mega Form opponent? 2
Xerneas IV check? 1
Zygarde or Garchomp? 1

Technical Help Answers
Any 1 no the diference? 2
Can anyone help me to know my friend safari type and pokemon? 2
Disapearring pokemiles? 1
Do the pokemon in the friend safari have their hidden abilities? 1
Does playing both a phyiscal and digital copy of the game (same 3ds) cause problems? 3
Friend safari help? 1
Game error/freeze in Santalune City? 2
Game sync server? 1
GTS keeps getting error? 1
How do I find my friend code and how do I add other friends? 1
How do I get acquaintances & passerbyes on my friendlist? 1
How do I restart the game? 1
How do you game chat? 1
How do you reset the game? 2
I can't find where to access the Dream World in the Pokemon X Y PGL? 1
I cannot download Pokemon X from eShop? 2
I corrected the time and date of my 3DS and now, all my daily events won't work? 1
Is this a hacked pokemon? Will it ruin my save file? 1
Lumiose City Glitch? 2
Nuzlocke saves? Help me! 1
Pokemon born in 2015? 2
Protean Froakie ? 2
PSS connect help? 1
Shiny stone in Super Training? 6
Soft reset for event pokemon? 1
Starting a new save but transfer pokemon from the old? 1
Switching 3DS, same game, does it keep friends? 1
The game won't pop up on the 3DS home screen, is it broken? 2
What does the Street Pass function do? 1
What is this GREY SPA next to the lv in the summary screen? 2
Why does friends vary? 1
Why does the game keep telling me "You can't enter that word?" 3
Why does the game keep telling me Connection is interuppted? 3
Why does the game keep telling me theres a problem, battle been discontinued? 1
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Does anyone have a Lax Nature Female French Espurr? 1
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Does the other person have to be online to get hidden abilities in friend safari? 2
Does the Pokemon-Amie Affection stat decrease with time? 2
Does the retail cartridge of Pokemon X also saves on the sd card? 1
Does this work? 1
Does X/Y have a casino? 2
Does Xerneas have an exclusive move like most legendaries? 1
Dragon type friend safari? 1
Electabuzz? 27
Error code 004-3003 (Can't access Battle rank mode) ? 1
Eshop Help?!? 1
Evolving eevee into leafeon and glaceon? 1
Exchange friend codes for Pokemon X and Y friend safari? 21
FC Exchange? 1
FC's? 1
Feebas/milotic safari anyone? 1
Ferrothorn/seed or Electabuzz/Elekid? 1
Fire type friend safari with charmander? 1
Foreign 6iv Ditto in exchange for Diancie and shiny 6iv runaway Sentret? 1
Free 5iv/egg move Pokemon giveaway(?) 1
Friend Code Add? 2
Friend Code Etiquette? 1
Friend code exchange? 1
Friend Code for Pokemon Safari? 6
Friend Code Help Safari? 1
Friend Code HELP? 2
Friend Code Swap/Share? 1
Friend code? 1
Friend code? 1
Friend Codes and Trading? 1
Friend Codes for friend safari in Pokemon X? 1
Friend codes for PX? 1
Friend Codes for Safari? 1
Friend codes for safari? 1
Friend codes pokemon x and y friend safari pretty please?! 7
Friend Codes? 2
Friend Codes?? 1
Friend me for Pokemon X? 13
Friend Safari code exchange? 2
Friend safari code exchange? Sorry I'm new here and don't know how to navigate 23
Friend safari exchange for a newbie? 2
Friend Safari friend codes for Pokemon X? 20
Friend Safari Friend Codes? 5
Friend safari friend codes? c: 14
Friend Safari Hidden Ability Question? 2
Friend Safari Pokemon? 2
Friend Safari with Ditto please? 1
Friend Safari? 22
Friend safari? 5
Friend Safari?? 1
Friend safaris? 3
Friends for Pokemon X? 10
Friends? 1
Froakie protean? 1
Frogadier Friend Safari Code? 2
Game card? 1
Game save and Global Link Sync data preserved? 1
Gen 1 starter question? 1
Gen. 3 Event Pokemon in Gen. 6 (Fateful encounter?) 2
Generating a legit defog Empoleon and a sucker punch Victreebel? 1
Genesect for trade? 1
Give me your friend codes!?!?!? 1
Giving shiny Pachirisu (or other) for perfect IV Ditto! (different region than US) Can anyone help? 1
Good moveset for Tyranitar ? 1
Good special sweepers? 1
Grass friend codes? 1
Gts is the worst, I hate it! Anyone else? 1
Happy Hour and Celebrate? 1
Has anyone done co-op play? 1
Have a shiny Whiscash up for trading-- anybody here want it? 1
Help for finding out my type and pokemon in Friend Safari + Looking for an Eevee Safari anyone ? 1
Help for my last team member? 1
Help I have no friend codes and can't do friend safari please add me? My friend code is 5387-0162-8024 44
Help I need codes for Friend Safari! My code is 2337-5357-8166. My ID is Reagan . Add me? 1
Help with my team? ^o^ 6
Help, my friend safari needs friends?! 21
Hey guys add me please? My friend safari has Electrode, Luxio, and Pikachu. My friend code is: 2681 0086 6425 180
Hey guys, how do I obtain a zorua? 1
Hidden ability Ditto? 1
Hidden-Ability Gliscor? 1
Horsea Breeding Question? 1
How are people asking for Pokemon that are not obtainable on the GTS? 2
How are people getting Gym Leader Avatars? 2
How can I breed a Speed Boost Torchic? 1
How can I get a growlithe in pokemon x? 1
How can I get an Adament Talonflame and a Modest Greninja both WITH their HIDDEN ABILITIES?? 1
How common is it to get Pokerus? 1
How did knock off out speed my prankster...? 1
How do and were in pokemon village do u find banette? 2
How do I add friends for pokemon x? 1
How do I change my rotom's form? 1
How do I delete the old file? 4
How do I evolve Buneary? 5
How do I evolve these Pokemon? 3
how do I find out what my friend code is? 1
How do I get a Rattled Magikarp? 1
How do i get Hacked Pokemon from pkm black1 to pkm x? 1
How do I get shiny charm? 1
How do I get yveltal on pokemon x? 1
How do i wake up the skiddo in lumiose city? 1
How do mystery eggs appear? 1
How do PokeMiles work? 1
How do you add friends for pokemon y? 193
How do you become more stylish? 1
How do you breed shiny pokemon??? Help!?!?!? 8
How do you delete a friend code? 2
How do you find out what your friend Safari is? 1
How do you get into the clothes store in lumiose city? 10
How do you get the comet shard from the anistar city old man? 1
How do you pass down a eevee with the HA? 1
How do you start a new message board on GameFAQs? 1
How do you start a new message board on GameFAQs? 1
How does Ability Changer work? 1
How does masuda method work with probability and such? 1
How does Sliggoo evolve? 1
How many of the same legendaries can be sent to the Bank from Gen. V? 1
How many Pokemon are catchable in this game? 2
How many steps exactly does it take to receive an egg? 1
How many times do I need to gift O-Powers to level them up? 1
How much exactly does the Soothe Bell affect friendship? 1
How on earth? 1
How to add friends in Pokemon X? 36
How to add friends on Pokemon X? 54
how to check your pokemon IV? 2
How to take a pokemon on romantic dinner date? 1
HP stat doesnt look full? (Super training) 1
I accidentally defeated moltres, will it respawn? 3
I accidentally ran from Mewtwo! Can I encounter him again? 1
I am having problems getting into people friend safaris, help? 1
I beat the game now what? 1
I despertly need a FEMALE fennikin! please?! 1
I hatched an egg I bred from two Pikachu and the Pichu came out named "!!!!!!!!!!!!". What happened? 1
I have a 6IV Dialga from a trade and i was wondering if it's legit or not? 1
I have a Diancie code if anyone has an extra Mega Gengar code for trade? 1
I have a mew with pokerus what do I do? 2
I have no friend codes in my friend safari because none of my friends play pokemon can anyone help me? 38
I have no friend codes in my friend safari can people please add me? My code is 2380-3709-7549 57
I have pokemon x but would like charizArdite y, possible to get in x? 1
I just caught a Combee and there is a Grey CD-like icon/symbol next to it in my group screen. What is that? 2
I killed the eevee on route 10!!? 1
I need a Baltoy/Claydol, Beldum, and a Lugia. Trades? 1
I need a Chansey safari? 11
I need a shiny charm badly can some one help me? 1
I need friend codes for the friend safari in pokemon x can someone give me their friend code? 1
I need friends for friend safari. Mind giving me your friend codes? 60
I need frogadier with protean? 14
I Need Help With Friend Codes and Friend Safari? 1
I need more Friend Codes? 1
I need my scyther to evolve into a scizor, is anyone willing to trade back and forth scythers? 1
I need someone to friend me and find out my friend safari type? 1
I need to evolve my haunter can anyone help? 1
I want a Yveltal.I will trade you for a mewtwo.Please? 1
I want more megas...are there gonna be more? 1
I'm breeding does anyone own a ditto safari and may I also get any type of friend safaris as well? 1
I'm looking for rokusho87, can anyone help me? Need him to come online 1
I'm new on the 3ds and need friend codes for safaris does anyone have a ponyta in there safari? 1
Ice Punch on Lucario? 1
If I breed a shiny Roggenrola and a normal Pikachu, could I get a shiny Pichu? 4
If I leave pokemon game on...? 1
If I own both X and Y would I have 2 friend codes or just 1? 2
if i send pokemon to Pokebank and restart my game, will my pokemon still be there? 1
If my Eevee has Run Away, what Ability will it have when it evolves into Sylveon? 1
If the Judge tells me a stat "can't be beat!", is that a 'Perfect IV' for said stat? 1
If you KO Xerneas...? 1
Im looking for a US diance/ US diance code. Im willing to trade a lvl 100 arceus or a lvl 100 palkia/dialga shiny? 2
In a monotype challenge, can I trade an item? 1
Iron Fist Infernape? 3
Is a Liepard with Prankster obtainable? 2
Is a mega scizor better than a life orb scizor? 1
Is a shiny Careful Trevenant with Pokerus for jirachi a good trade ? 2
Is anyone willing to trade me a Charizardite X for a legendary? I have old event ones, including shinies 2
Is freeze dry also strong to grass and dragon, or only water? 1
Is it easier to find shinies in X and Y than the other Pkmn games? 2
Is It possible that Shinies are "pre-planned" in my X? 1
Is it possible to get event pokemon in Japan, with the European cartridge? 1
Is it possible to use Pokebank with a Flashcart? 1
Is Lonely nature for Fletchling good? 1
Is my Ditto truly from another region? 1
Is my eevee considered having perfect ivs? 1
Is my mew hacked? 1
Is possible to trade my r4i pokemons to pokecheck and then to pokemon bank? 1
Is the daycare like rare candies? 1
Is the move return affected by how much a pokemon likes it's trainer in online battles? 1
Is their event Pokemon available? 2
Is There a Downside to Spamming Ultra Balls on Legendary Pokemon? 1
Is there a hack where you can change the name of a pokemon that isn't originally yours? 1
Is there a S or Max rank for O Powers like there were for Pass Powers? 1
Is there a way to buy the megastones and earn more Pokedollars? 1
Is there a way to get a mew in ORAS or xy? Anyone know? 1
Is there a way to level up my 41 pokemon to level 53 (My party is around 53)? 1
Is there any possible way obtain Skrelp/Dragalge with its hidden ability? 1
Is there any way to get more money? 2
Is there any way to get the hidden abilities for the Gen5 starters? 1
is there Anybody who have Fire Friend Safari? 1
Is there anyway to get a Diancie code still? 1
Is there someone who can help me getting pokegen pokemon? 1
Is this a good Pokemon team? 1
Is this game worth getting? 1
Is this Legit!?! pokemon hatching? 3
Is this Possible? 1
Is this Shiny Moltres from WT Legit? 1
Is this strategy already taken? 1
Is trading a mew for a victini fair? 1
It It Possible To Hatch A Shiny Without Masuda Method? 1
Iv/ev question? 2
Legendary pokemon? 1
Level 1 ditto? 1
LF a charmeleon friend safari, can you help? 1
LF shiny skiddo/gogoat for another shiny? 1
LF: any legendary not in the gts. will trade: max IVs porygon-z? 1
LF: Darkrai Will trade: see description? 1
LF: female lure ball totodile ? 1
LF: Heracrossite, Houndoomite, Aggronite, Charizardite Y, Mewtwonite X? 1
Life Orb Greninja outsped my Mega Alakazam? 3
Locations with little to no music? 1
Looking for a charmander, chameleon or charizard with drought? 1
Looking for a Darkrai trade? 2
Looking for a Dusclops and or a Nuzleaf. Anyone willing to trade? :) 1
Looking for a Dusclops or Nuzleaf. Anyone interested? :) 1
Looking for a friend code that has ditto? 1
Looking for a Mew, shiny or not, and I have a shiny Rayquaza I am willing to trade? 2
Looking for help for my X and Y team? Thanks. 1
Looking for more friend codes? 2
Looking for Normal Safari with Ditto, Please Help? 1
Looking for Poliwhirl Friend Safari? 1
Looking for someone to trade pokemon with in pokemon x & y? 1
Looking for someone with a Ditto Safari? 1
Looking for Totodile. Anyone willing to trade? 1
Looking to trade legendries or shinnies for Arceus? 2
Lucky Egg Exp? 1
Lumiose City Boutique Discount Coupon? 3
Lumiose City Style? 1
lv100 fully EV trained Ampharos for shiny phantump/trevenant? 1
Malamar or Diggersby? 1
Mamoswine with stealth rock possible??? 2
Mawalite or gardevoirite? 2
Mega Evolutions? 1
Mega stone trade? 1
Mega-evolution? 2
Meleotta? 2
Meloetta? 1
Mesuda shiny method? 1
Mind checking my newly revised/planned out team? 1
Mudkip? 1
Must Gift help? 1
My Cinccino does not hit maximum number of times in Multi-Strike move? 1
Need a 6iv kyurem for : LOOK INSIDE!?? 1
Need a Safari box with braxian in it? 1
Need a scizor? 1
Need Friend Codes for Safari!?! 1
need friend codes. Mine is 2723-9347-2893 and Ign name is nathan? 1
Need friend codes? 1
Need friends for friend safari? 1
Need friends for friend safari? 1
Need Friends for the Friend Safari? 98
Need friends for the new safari mechanic on pokemon x and y? 1
Need help evolving Kadabra? 1
Need help evolving my Haunter into Gengar? 1
Need help evolving my scyther into a scizor can someone trade with me and trade back? 1
Need help in expanding Friend Safari? 1
Need help with friend codes? 1
Need heracronite? 1
Need more friends for friend safari please ? 49
Need need help finishing my competitive battling team?! 1
Need some FC for 3ds did a reformat ? 1
New to Friend Safari, looking for some specific ones and also what is in my safari? 3
New to the Pokemon community?Well yes 1
Noobness? 1
Normal Friend Safari With Ditto? 1
O-Powers? 2
Odds while Chaining Shinies? 1
One hit moves? 1
Online features? 1
Online Item Use? 1
Paintings in the art museum? 1
Parfum Palace fishing spot? 3
Pay-coins? 1
Pin Missile or Megahorn? 1
Pinsirite for my heracronite? 1
Please add friend code? 2
Please can someone help evolve my haunter for me? 1
Please can someone help evolve my Haunter with me? 1
Please explain this for me? 1
Please help me know my friend safari type? 1
Please Rate My Team? 2
Please, a shiny Gastly, lvl 1? 1
Poke radar in friend safari? 1
Pokemiles? 1
Pokemon appearing on the PSS? 3
Pokemon Friend Safari Code? 1
Pokemon Help: Need a shiny stone!!! Does anybody have one? 2
Pokemon Natu? 1
Pokemon that should have Mega Evolution.How many can we find? 1
Pokemon X and Y friend code exchange? 43
Pokemon x and y friend code swap? 2
Pokemon X and Y Friend Safari friends anyone? 1
Pokemon X and Y opinions? 1
Pokemon X friend codes for friend Safari? 109
Pokemon X&Y Friend Code exchange + safari type? 28
Pokemon X&Y friend code exchange? 7
Pokemon X/Y download? 1
Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Exchange?! 75
Pokemon XY Friend Code exchange? 1
Pokemon XY friend codes? 33
Pokemon xy- will trade aggronite for tyranatarite, ditto safari needed? 1
Pokemon Y - How to catch Dratini with H.A. Marvel Scale? 10
PokeRadar Operator? 1
PokeStalker? 1
Poketransfer without pokebank? 2
Possible Mega Evolutions for Pokemon Z? 2
Possibly new cloning method? 1
Protean? 1
Pumpkaboo Form Size? 1
Question about IVs/breeding? 1
Question on a pokebank transfer? 1
Question regarding O-Powers? 1
Rate my team non-smogon team? 1
Read below! About my powersave. ? 1
Ready for Pokemon league? 2
Red Chespin? 1
Registering Friends after battling/trading? 1
Requesting safari friend? 1
Restarting without losing data? 1
Safari Codes Help? 1
Safari friend code exchange anyone? 165
Safari friend code Exchange!!!!!!? 89
Safari friend code exchange? 44
Safari friend codes? (Need Sableye) 7
Safari zone friends? 1
Safari: Probably another Friend code thread? 1
Same cartridge, different 3DS - different save file? 1
Saving Online Battles? 1
Shinies? 1
Shiny breeding? 1
Shiny charm pleas? 2
Shiny Darkrai for trade? 1
Shiny Eevee? (This is not a trade request) 2
Shiny froakie or frogadier? 1
Shiny noivern for shiny amphoros trade? 1
Shiny or non shiny Mew for trade? 18
Shiny pokemon? 1
Shiny Pokemon? 1
Shoft reset for shiny Kanto Starter? 1
Should I restart my Pokemon X? 1
Soft resetting for Shiny Starter? 1
Someone has Quagsire friend safari? 1
Someone have Tyrogue in Friend Safari? 1
Someone with ditto safari please? 1
Super Training or EV training (battling) for level 1 pokemon? 3
Super training past lv 50? (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire) 1
The special mystery gift torchic? 1
Torchic speedboost ability. anybody have extra? 1
Trade me a female Bulbasaur with Chlorophyll please? 1
Trade megastones and Pokemon? 2
Trade Request? and Friend Code 2
Trade then trade back please? 1
Trading flawless squirtle with egg moves... Any offers? 1
Trading JPN Froakie For One Of The Other Starters. Anyone Got One? 1
trading legendary Pokemon from any Gen? 1
Trouble with Ninetales energy ball chain breeding? 1
Trying to add people for the Friend Safari! plz help? 3
Trying to add people for the Safari! plz help? 1
Unknown Friend Safari ? 1
Unknown Safari? - adding everyone 1
Very weird and slightly disturbing line in Lumiose city outside that very expensive boutique, WTF? 1
Victini Trade? 1
Weird Censoring - I entered a name for an Abra I caught as ZangZingeee and it said I couldn't enter that word? 1
What am i doing wrong?! 1
What are my shiny chances for all methods? 1
What are some better places to exchange FSs? 1
What are those tabs at the top of the PC screen? 2
What can I get with a shiny eevee? 1
What difference does Super Training or ev training? 1
What do I have to do to get Chikorita? 1
What do the category icons mean for attacks? 2
What do you guys think about my pokemon team? 1
What do you think about my team? 2
What do you think of my team so far? 1
What exactly is the Training doing for my pokemon? 4
What games do you need to catch them all? 1
What is in my friend safari? 1
What is my Friend Safari Pokemon type? 2
What is needed to complete the Pokedex? 1
What is Pokerus? 1
What is the "delphox is ugly" thing going on? 1
What is the "history" showing in my PSS Profile? 1
What is the best mega evolution pokemon? 18
What is the best nature for chespin? 1
What is the best way to level up after ev training? 1
What is the point or purpose of tips? 2
What is your Friend code? for the friend safari. 1
What level should i evolve my poliwhirl? 1
What Pokemon can Honedge breed with? 1
What Pokemon Do i Have in My Friend Safari?? 40
What pokemon has the most Super Training points? 1
What pokemon is the Special Defense super training bag supposed to be? 2
What pokemon to use? Feel free to suggest changes to my team. But I really want to keep these pokemon. 1
What prizes do you receive from using the PokeRadar? 1
what safari do I have. what is in it? 1
What should I do with these Zygardes? 1
What Starter Hidden Abilities are illegal? 1
What the heck is this Volcanion Pokemon? 1
What type is my safari? 2
What will you get after completing the pokedex? 1
What's up with the Hex Maniac in the Lumiose City? 26
What's your favorite Mega Shiny? 1
When breeding for a Protean Froakie..? 1
When does pumpkaboo learn Trick or treat? 1
When does shelgon evolved into salamace? 1
When is the Pokemon series going to end? 1
Where can I find a Gale Wings Fletchling(or it's evolutions)? 1
Where can I find an eevee? 1
Where can i find dusk stone? 1
Where can I find male Litleo? 5
Where can I find the NPC's for attack and speed comparison? 2
Where can you trade? 1
Where do I find a Riolu? 3
Where do I find an Inky? 1
Where do I get meloetta or keldeo in X or Y? 7
Where does Celebi end up? 1
Where is the Lotto place at? 1
Which pokemon is veraion specific? 1
Which powersave should i buy? 2
Which Region? 1
Which starter will you pick? 1
Who can I breed with charmander in early game? I have female charmander. 3
Who has a protean froakie in their safari? 2
Who has a protean froakie? 5
Who wants a meloetta or jirachi? 1
Who wants to exchange their friendcode with me?? 1
Who wants to trade? 1
Why are all the starters usually male? 2
Why are there different pokedex entries? 1
Why can't i battle Serena in Kiloude City anymore? 1
Why do i keep losing online battles in pokemon x?! 1
Why do people/friends can see my pokemon when battling together? 1
Why does Pokebank cost? 2
Why doesn't the friend option appear? 1
Why I can't give my pokemon some vitamins? 2
Why is Special Attack super training so hard? 1
Why is there a Blue Dot on Menu Icon? 1
Why isn't the Pokemon-amie recognizing any of my faces it asks me to do? 1
Why the hat? 1
Why wont it let me send legandrys from poke transfr to the back? 1
Wild Pokemon encounter question? 1
Wild Pokemon use Struggle? 1
Will a different SD card reset my game? 1
Will anyone trade me a shiny female ralts? 1
WIll anyone trade their mewtwonite y for my mewtwonite x? 1
WIll anyone trade their Mewtwonite Y for my Mewtwonite X? 1
Will anyone trade with me my shiny ditto from USA for another shiny ditto not from USA? 1
Will breeding a shiny with a ditto hatch a shiny? 9
Will catching a shiny break the PokeRadar/Fishing chain? 1
Will changing time / date on my 3DS affect my game save? 1
Will this become a problem with breeding? 1
Will you please help me create a team for ORAS? 1
Would Anybody Trade With Me? 1
Would anyone mind trading me a Cyndaquil? 3
Would someone be willing to help me with trade evolutions? 1
You got any of these Pokemon in your safari? 1

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