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Where is Professor Sycamore's treasure, in Couriway Town?

Title pretty much covers it.....

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Scattered-Ember answered:

^ More accurate location, if you stand inbetween the two benches to the right of her, take one step south, one step east, and then turn around, you'll find a written message seemingly carved into the floor. It's not a hidden item, so it wont get picked up by the dowsing machine. Hope this helps =)
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Souliasora answered:

I think it may be the TM rock slide that you get at the southwest after the waterfall,
or it could be the rare candy on the train station panel.
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Mystenigma answered:

Actually, it's probably the Gyaradosite you can find at night. It might be post-Elite Four only, though.
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jkdarlow answered:

Near the woman who gives you U-turn, its a letter from past sycamore to future sycamore.
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