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I can not find a Dunsparce where it is supposed to be(route 3,22)

do i need to find it through special means,or what?

if anyone finds one and tells me thank you

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SmokeRulz answered:

Nope, there's no special method. I found one on Route 3 while I was just training and catching things. I just think he's slightly rare, so it may take a while for one to appear, but there's nothing special you need to do.
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bit_cloud_XPS answered:

There is no special method, I would just say that the Dunsparce is very uncommon along route 3 (although not quite rare).
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Lesleylove15 answered:

I found one while I was training just out of the blue. Just run around and you'll find one. Hope this helps!

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JMISBEST answered:

I found him on my very first trip down that route, but could not catch him. I
came back later and caught him with ease.

Here is a guaranteed way to catch it. Get a grass type that knows stun-spore and which is at least level 20, have loads of timer balls, on your first turn you must paralyse it, keep letting it attack, heal the damage it does with fresh water, after 7 turns, chuck a timer ball and you are guaranteed to catch it.
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