Question from Bubblez923

Asked: 10 months ago

Super Training Pokemon Y?

I put 252 effort value points into attack via the super training it should have plus 63 to the stat but it only plus 28 is anyone else having this problem

Accepted Answer

From: Deceitful_Wings 10 months ago

Don't worry too much about it. I don't think the changes are applied all at once, otherwise you could theoretically have a pokemon with a stat of 70 at level 1.

I've noticed when I EV train, my pokemon tend to get larger stat gains when they level. For example, my Azumarril would periodically get +3 to Attack, which would happen very rarely as it only has a base of 50. I theorise that these extra points are simply the EVs manifesting themselves.

Stats are recalculated after each battle, however, so even Pokemon that are lv100 can still get their EVs.

Just give it some time, and the stat should end up balancing itself out. So fret not!

Hope I helped!

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