Question from Cuizmo

Friend codes for Pokemon x and y friend safari?

I would really like a Growlithe so add me if you are a fire type if you don't know your type still add me 3110 5257 7356

Cheeder777 asked for clarification::

1676-3694-3706 Add me please

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Ertc591 answered:

Add me too please. I have a fighting safari 4098 3137 5775
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swimfan2003 answered:

ok add me too.

2079-7155-3215 Thanks
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pokedad70 answered:

My friend's code is 0576-4171-6641
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Cuizmo answered:

Added both of you neither of you have added me though
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ILikeMewtwo answered:

Sorry im late to the party i barely got the game recently I hope its not too late! 4098-2549-1180
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jimbo730 answered:

0533 - 4208 - 8791
Heres my friend code too ill add you all
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jgomez483 answered:

Any additions would be much appreciated and I'll gladly help anyone out as well. 1091-7966-5675
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bluejayash369 answered:

My friend code is 4270-1565-5178 add me
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KairuLeonhart26 answered:

HERE'S MINE EVERYONE PLEASE ADD ME! ^^ My Friend Code: 1160-9753-3711. My Friend Code Name: Kyle.
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Jo-Y-Oh answered:

my FC: 5026-4414-4032,
my ID: Jo-Y-Oh
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TabooDrifter answered:

my fc: 3539-9824-2834
ID: Drift
adding anyone
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Ptzery answered:

Add me too please, I don't know my type.

Freind Code: 3050-7743-9746
ID: Ptzeryface

P.S.: I've added everyone above me. (I need Steel type)
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pokedad70 answered:

Mine is 0576-4171-6641 - pokedad
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LuigiDEK answered:

FC: 3437-3498-8687
ID: LuigiDEK

Added Everyone Above Me.
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VesperiaStar answered:

Mine is : 5069 - 5232 - 0945
ID : Romy

Just PM me your FC and i'll add you.
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