Question from pecaman

Who needs a mega aggronite stone?

I'm looking for a tyranitar mega stone for evolution I can give a aggronite for it.
My code friend is 4699 6655 2331.

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Khoa11 answered:

I can if you give me Heracronite.

FC: 4597-0862-5238 -> Add anyone, my safari is Dragon: Gabite, Noibat, Slogoon!!
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KeyBlade999 answered:

You are supposed to go to the X/Y Trading Board.
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Suicuneator answered:

If you still have it:
FC 1934 0804 1151
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JakeDorazio answered:

Need aggronite, ill trade a shiny gurrdurr please my fc is 5026-4502-8562
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Firegia answered:

I lost Alakazam mega stone. Does anyone have one they don't want. I'll trade my Zygard. My friend code is 1332-8720-4036.
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Seleepa answered:

btw Firegia my friend code is 2638-0990-1886
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