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Does Exp. Share lets the pokemons in the team to get EVs too? and what if one of the pokemon in the team is holding a power bracer? will it be doubled?

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Soulslay295 answered:

Using the EXP Share will give any Pokemon the EV's that you would obtain normally from battle, and extra if you give them a power item. (I should know, I've EV trained quite a number of Pokemon.)
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KeyBlade999 answered:

From what I understand, the EXP. Share does share the EVs. Given the EXP. distribution, I would say any Pokemon gets around half of the EVs they normally do.

Power Bracer and similar items double EV growth while lowering Speed (in-battle, not EV-wise) - the Power Bracer in particular doubles the EV growth of Attack.

Further effects on such "Power" items can be found here -
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-well___ answered:

"If a non-battling pokemon holding the Exp. Share gains experience from a battle, it gains the same number of EVs as the battling pokemon through normal circumstances". - Heracross17
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