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How do I evolve Seadra?

Forgot what item he needed to evolve, does anyone know what it is, and where I can find it?

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Ah, thank you very much.

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SmokeRulz answered:

You need to equip a Dragon Scale and then trade it. There's a free Dragon Scale in Terminus Cave (sorry I don't know the exact spot), otherwise you can try and get one off of wild Horsea, Seadra, Dratini, or Dragonair. They only have a 5% chance of holding one. Fish them up while leading with a Pokemon that has Frisk (a Pumpkaboo or Banette is a good pick), then either catch them and remove the scale, or use a move like Thief to snatch the scale off them.

In case you forgot: Horsea (Good Rod) & Seadra (Super Rod) are in Ambrette Town and Cyllage City, and Dratini (Good Rod) & Dragonair (Super Rod) are on Route 21.
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Bbfnn answered:

You have to give Seadra a Dragon scale and trade it
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JMISBEST answered:

Another good way is to wait until they company that makes Pokemon releases the download that lets you transfer Pokemon from Generation 5 to generation 6.

That is how I plan on getting many of the Pokemon that are hard to get in generation 6, but which are either easy or easier to get in generation 5 and, if you transferred them over, generations 4 and 5
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