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Where can I find Alakazite?

I know that its in reflection cave,but where?I beat the game, upgraded the mega ring,and went to find it at 8:30.But I couldn't find it and winded up searching until 9:10.Can someone help me and tell me where it is?

Omniburst99 provided additional details:

I know it's in reflection cave,but where?

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Vylkr answered:

You can find Alakazite in Reflection Cave after beating the E4 and going there at 8:00-9:00 PM.
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luminisdator answered:

Its on B4 which is the room with the glowing circle of light as shown in this picture (not mine).

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neonApollo answered:

It's in B4 of Reflection Cave in a room that you can go into from the far left side of the room, but you can only see the door in the reflective surface. That's why most people miss it - you can also find a TM there. The Alakazite will be sparkling in a patch of grass with sunlight shining down on it if you are there between 8-9 PM.
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Sugerpikachu answered:

between 8-9 pm take the city side of the cave and go down the stairs, now go east and stop at the first trainer you see (has purple hair). Now go south and east to the next set of stairs to go deeper in the cave, so then you keep going north to the mirror follow along it to find the secret passage. Go deeper in the passage till you find a rainbow cycle it should be around there.
I hoped this isn't to hard to understand!
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