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Asked: 8 months ago

What's the best nature for charizard y, wartortle & bulbasaur?

Yup, I'm going to build a team of kanto starter, each in different stage of their evolution, any recommended build or strategy is welcome :)

I'm actually thinking of having them all neutral natures, since they seem versatile.

Accepted Answer

From: KeyBlade999 8 months ago

Charizard Y: Use a Modest Nature. It boosts Sp. Atk. and lowers Attack, meaning you should focus on Special-class moves. (As a note, Charizard Y has about 50 more base-stat points in Sp. Atk. than Attack - it's enhancing what's there.)

Wartortle: The same.

Bulbasaur: Again, the same.

Granted, my strategy with Nature is to enhance what's already there - if a Pokemon specializes in a certain stat, I plan to *abuse* that by adding 10% with the Nature. The drawback to that is wherein some moves or items affect moves of a certain class - for example, those attacking Aegislash while in his Shield Form lose ~30% of their Attack if attacking physically, but lose nothing is hitting with Special.

Those three Pokemon *are* pretty versatile, though. If you wish to go for a balance, go for the Docile, Serious, Quirky, or Bashful natures.

If you plan on an Attack-focused moveset, then go for Adamant. As a note, though, all of those Pokemon you named have better Sp. Atk. than Attack.

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