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What is the best strategy for a team build around a Bold Unaware clefable ?

I have a 6 iv Shiney Bold natured ,ability- Unaware clefable that runs a Minimize, Cosmic Power , Stored Powerd, Charge beam move set , 2 minimizes and I'm nearly unhittable , couple of stored powers, 2 or 3 charge beams an I have a unstoppable unhittable sweeper that has proven very deadly in the meta game ,the only pokemon that I got trouble with is tyranitar or any any daul dark ground type . my question is I need a team that can support this beast.. What Pokemon would be ideal for this move set to help me in battle. Thanks again all genuine suggestions are greatly appreciated .

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CrImSoNxChRiS answered:

You're somewhat out of luck with that one. Try breeding and getting Magic Guard. Make sure its nature is Calm if you want to build it for Support, which I assume you do since you're looking to pair it with the rest of your team. Give it Wish, Seismic Toss, Knock Off, and Heal Bell. Give it either Leftovers or a Toxic Orb and EV train its Sp. Def and HP both up 252 and its Defense up 4. This is from Smogon, by the way and not my moveset. Hope I helped. Not very good at this kind of stuff but just wanted to help.
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