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Sheer force Totodile?

I understand it's not released yet, but I've read that it's possible for an unreleased HA Pokemon to make it past the Bank, is this possible and could anybody get me a SF Totodile?


KeyBlade999 answered:

Actually, you're a bit misinformed. Every Pokemon that can be bred essentially has had its HA released - some Pokemon, which cannot be bred, like Regirock for his hidden Sturdy ability, are considered to be unreleased for that reason, with the HA only being encoded to prevent any accidental crashes. Totodile has been both released (HeartGold/SoulSilver), and it is also able to be bred, so its HA is considered to be released.

Thus, it is more than possible for a Sheer Force Totodile (assuming everything else about it is legit) to make it through PokeBank. You could even breed it in Pokemon X/Y if you wanted to.

Otherwise, you can always check the Trading Boards to see if anyone will give you one.
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