Question from JMISBEST

Asked: 9 months ago

Where do I trade for Ralts?

A couple of days ago I met a in-game character who wanted to trade for A Ralts.

But I choose not to do it at the time, now I want to and I need help finding him/her again.

Where is he/she, does the time of day or day matter and as I will soon start Pokemon X, is it only available after you defeat The Elite Four.

Please help.

Accepted Answer

From: SmokeRulz 9 months ago

It's Diantha. She's in Cafe Soleil, in South Lumoise City. She'll trade you a Ralts with Gardevoirite, for any useless Pokemon you want. And yes, this can only be done after you've cleared the Elite Four. Time of day does not matter.

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