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Where is Professor Sycamore's treasure, in Couriway Town? 4
How do you restart the game? 2
How do I enter Boutique Couture in lumiose city?? 4
Where can I find a Dusk Stone? 3
How do you increase your pokemons happiness? 6
Where do I go after beating the 7th gym? 2
What is the Sea Spirit's Den used for? 3
Where can I find Absolite? 4
What are some good grass type pokemon in Pokemon Y? 17
Where can i find a water stone? 1
Recent Questions Answers
How to fix "Communication with the server was interrupted"? 3
um... how did I get a legit Shiny Diancie? 2
Is mewtwo not that good anymore? 3
why does my Pokemon Y game crash on route 14? 1
I got a shiny Manaphy from the GTS. is it hacked?? 1
May someone check my FC Pokemon? 1
Can you guys add me on 3ds for pokemon Y? 2509-2853-3615 3
Does changing the clock work for evolving espeon? 1
Anybody know how to add friends? 1
Who should replace Pangoro? 0
Unresolved Questions Answers
Can anyone help me get a contrary shuckle? 0
Arceus code for shiny Pokemon ? 1
Shiny pokerus mewtwo or shiny Pikachu, butterfree, goldeen for mew? 2
Does anyone have Friend Safari Dittos? 1
Does anybody have a friend safari with abra? 0
Do you have Hidden Ability Abra? 0
Event Pokemon Help? 1
I can't use QR Codes! Anyone know how to fix camera and screwdriver size for top shell of 3DS XL? 0
In order to play pokemon competitvly i really need a ditto safari,if anyone here has one can you plz tell me? 0
Can I please get a shiny charmander ? 0

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