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Item Help status answers
Anyone willing to trade their Charizardite Y for my X? Answered 1
Anyone willing to trade their pinsirite for my heracronite? Answered 1
Can anyone trade me shiny Riolu? Answered 1
Can I take my hat off? Answered 1
Charizardite Y for X? Answered 1
Does anyone have a friend safari with frogadier? Answered 1
Does anyone have Growlithe in their friend safari? Answered 1
Does nobody have friend safari fire??? Answered 1
Fennekin mega-stone? Answered 2
Finding more hearts scales? Answered 7
Friend Codes? Add me! Answered 27
Getting Torchic ? Answered 2
Honey? Answered 1
Houndoominite? Answered 2
How can one locate Darkrai? Answered 1
How Do I Get All Four Anistar City TMs? Answered 1
How do I get the most out of The Poke Radar? Answered 2
How rare is hidden abillites? Answered 2
I need help to obtain the shiny charm please? Answered 1
Is there a downside to using Mega Evolutions? Answered 2
Is there a Mew in Pokemon Y? Answered 1
Is there more than one sun stone? Answered 1
Looking for trade for eviolite? Answered 1
Looking to Trade Charizardite Y For Charizardite X? Answered 1
Mawilite requirements? Answered 2
Mega haunter? Answered 2
Megaring upgrade? Answered 2
Metang friend safari code? Answered 1
MewTwo help? Answered 2
Moonstones, any found yet? Answered 5
Need a Pokemon X exclusive mega stone? Answered 1
Sinnoh maybe? Answered 1
So I Know All About O-Power Levels, But How Do I Unlock Different Opowers? Answered 1
The ability capsule? Answered 3
Time/space orbs use? Answered 2
Trade charizardite Y for charizardite X? Answered 3
Trainer Stars? Answered 1
What berry combinations make rich, boost, and surprise mulch? Answered 1
When do you find a PC? Answered 1
Where and how can i get a protector? Answered 1
Where can I find (TM hypnosis)? Answered 1
Where can I find a Chesto Berry tree? Answered 1
Where can I find a Dusk Stone? Answered 3
Where can I find a Lansat Berry and a Starf Berry ? Answered 1
Where can I find a LIGHTBALL, in Pokemon Y? Answered 1
Where can I find a shiny stone? Answered 1
Where can I find a soothe bell? lost my other one? Answered 1
Where can I find a thunderstone? Answered 2
Where can i find a water stone? Answered 1
Where can I find Absolite? Answered 4
Where can I find alakazamite? Answered 1
Where can I find Charzardite Y? Answered 8
Where can I find Gardevorite? Answered 2
Where can I find gyradosite? Answered 1
Where can I find houndoomite? Answered 1
Where can I find manectricite? Answered 1
Where can I find other mega stones? Answered 1
Where can I find substitue tm? Answered 1
Where can I find Swablu? Answered 3
Where can I find the berries that reduce base stats? Answered 1
Where can I find the egg hatching o-power? Answered 1
Where can I find the lucky egg item? Answered 1
Where can I find the reveal glass? Answered 1
Where can I find TM inside Frost Cavern? Answered 1
Where can I find TMV pass? Answered 1
Where can I find tyranitite? Answered 2
Where is pokeball store which sells different ones? Answered 2
Where is Professor Sycamore's treasure, in Couriway Town? Answered 4
Where is the guy selling Moomoo Milk? Answered 1
Level Help status answers
Does this generation have a PWT? Answered 1
Friend Safari? Answered 20
Where do I go after beating the 7th gym? Answered 2
Strategy Help status answers
Alert to sounds? Answered 1
Are they any good? Answered 1
Attack EV training? Answered 1
Best Mewtwo Y? Answered 1
Can conkeldurr learn Ice punch in gen 6? Answered 1
Competitive Team ranking? Answered 1
Do ditto come with at least 3 perfect IVs? Answered 1
Does anyone have a dragonite for trade? Answered 1
Does pokerus effect super training point gain? Answered 1
Does the new XP Share make all pokemon get the EVs from the battle? Answered 1
Does trading away original first Pokemon affect legendary bird appearance? Answered 1
Easiest way to catch shiny pancham with hidden ability? Answered 1
EV Training? Answered 1
Getting outspeeded by slow pokemon? Answered 2
Help about main game team? Answered 1
How do i get gale wings on my talonflame ? Answered 17
How do I know if my pokemon have good IV's? *new* Answered 1
How does my team look? Answered 1
how exactly do EVs work? Answered 2
How is this team?? Answered 4
How should I train my Braviary? Answered 2
How should I train my Exeggutor? Answered 1
If Aegislash uses Stance Change, where do the EVs go? Answered 1
Is ditto only breedable once? Answered 2
Is levelling up through exp share bad for EV's? Answered 1
Latias and Latios Type coverage? Answered 1
Move reminder question? Answered 1
Perish song Gengar...How does it work? Answered 1
Please help with my team you pros out there? Answered 1
Question? Answered 2
Quick question? Answered 2
Rate my team and give some tips? *new* Answered 1
Shiny hunting in friend safari? Answered 3
Shiny Pokemon chances? Answered 1
Some questions about EVs? Answered 1
Super Training Pokemon Y? Answered 1
This is a three part question. Please read it? Answered 1
US National Championships Team Help? Answered 1
What is the best nature for each eeveelutions? Answered 1
What is the best pokemon to catch others with? Answered 1
What is the best strategy for my team? Answered 1
What is the best strategy for super training a impish squirtle on pokemon y? Answered 1
What is the best two stats for Aggron? Answered 1
What Pokemon should I use on my team and what moves? Answered 1
What would be a good 6th pokemon to go with my team? Answered 1
What's the best nature for charizard y, wartortle & bulbasaur? Answered 1
Where can I find WILD Dittos in Pokemon Y ? Answered 1
Which is stronger? Answered 1
Who should i pick between charmander, squirtle and bulbasaur? Answered 2
Other Help status answers
"An error has occurred. Hold down the POWER Button to turn off the power, then turn it on and try again"? Answered 1
*no spoilers* Is there any new evolutions of old pokemon? Answered 2
Add me :)? Answered 3
Add me on friend safari? Answered 2
Add me please? Answered 2
Am I breeding correctly? Answered 1
Any Misdreavus trainers in Y? Answered 1
Anybody have Chansey in their Friend Safari? Answered 1
Anyone can tell me the type and pokemon in my friend safari ? Answered 1
Anyone have a dragon type friend safari? Answered 1
Anyone have a Lilligant? Answered 1
Anyone have a Normal-type Friend Safari in X/Y? Answered 3
Anyone have riolu, vulpix, or ivysaur in friend safari? Answered 6
Anyone know where to catch a Scyther in Pokemon Y? Answered 1
Anyone trading their Charizardite Y? I'm trading my Charizardite X. Answered 1
Anyone wanna exchange friend codes on 3ds? Answered 1
Anyone willing to give away a free larvitar? Answered 1
Anyone with a Ice Safari with a Snorunt? Answered 1
Are the chances of getting a shiny increased if you use a shiny to breed? Answered 2
ARGH!!! CURSE YOU 6 PARTY POKeMON LIMIT!!! Any Fly and Waterfall Pokemon? Answered 1
At what level charizard learn dragon claw and shadow claw? Answered 2
Azumarill Breeding Chain? Answered 1
Be awesome and give me your Friend code? Answered 2
Breeding Question? Answered 1
Breeding? Answered 1
Can anybody trade me their Tyrantarite for my Aggronite? Answered 1
Can anyone help me about the ghost girl? Answered 1
Can anyone trade a Drought Vulpix? Answered 1
Can I battle the ghost girl? Answered 1
Can people trade special pokemon online? Answered 1
Can you help me with my Safari type and Pokes? Answered 14
Can't get the right IVs for Lapras? Answered 1
Chespin help? Answered 1
Codes? Answered 2
Ditto friend safari, anyone? Answered 1
Ditto Friend Safari? - Reward offered to awesome helper! Answered 1
Does any body wanna trade a Charizardite X for my Charizardite Y please? Answered 1
Does anyone have a shiny mewtwo? Answered 1
Does anyone have an electric safari? Answered 1
Does anyone know where eevee is found in the game? I really need one. Answered 1
Does everstone affect Shiny charm Masuda Method? Answered 1
Ekans or Arbok? Answered 1
Evolution Without Trade Glitch still works? Answered 1
Exchange Friend Code for safari? Answered 2
FC's? Answered 1
Friend Code Exchange? Answered 1
Friend Code help? Answered 2
Friend Code Swap/Share? Answered 1
Friend Code trade?! *new* Answered 1
Friend codes anyone... Add me- 4141-2464-4876 ? Answered 1
Friend codes for Pokemon x and y friend safari? Answered 15
Friend codes please!? Answered 2
Friend Safari?? Answered 2
Friends for Safari Please? Answered 1
Friends? Answered 3
Froakie with protean? Answered 1
Gengar? Answered 1
Good Pokemons to counter Aegislash and mega Kangaskhan? Answered 1
Goomy's egg group? Answered 3
Hacked or not? Answered 2
Has there been any changes in the breeding mechanics? Answered 2
Help me with my team? Answered 2
Help with my y team? Answered 2
Hidden abilities? Answered 1
How do I evolve Carbink? Answered 1
How do I evolve Sliggoo? Answered 1
How do I get Airslash and AuraSphere onto my Togekiss? Answered 1
How do you increase your pokemons happiness? Answered 6
How do you level up the O powers? Answered 1
How do you restart the game? Answered 2
How does safari work? Answered 1
How i can change the battle mason's music? Answered 1
How many pokemon can be seen in this game before pokemon bank? Answered 2
How to get friends to have safari? Answered 1
How to get Gengar? Answered 1
HTMs? Answered 1
I have Pokemon Y, but I want the Charizardite X. Will anyone trade their Charizardite X for my Charizardite Y? Answered 1
I know u find zugarde in terminus cave but i've searched every inch there? Answered 1
I need a Tyranitar mega stone because I have Pokemon Y. Does anyone have one that is available for trade? *new* Answered 1
I need help via friend safari. ? Answered 1
I really want a Growlithe because I've had one in every pokemon game how do I get one in X and Y? Answered 2
I was wondering if i would be able to do this? Answered 1
If I breed a Super Sized Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist, will the same-species offspring be the same size? Answered 1
If I trade? Answered 1
is anyone willing to trade me a american mew please????? Please!! Answered 1
Is anyone willing to trade me a Charizardite X for a legendary? I have old event ones, including shinies Answered 1
Is diancie and the mega stones for latias/os still available through the power save? Neither cheat is shown for me. Answered 1
Is it possible to find a Mewtwoite? Answered 1
Is the Day-Care found early in the game? Answered 7
Is there a way to tell if this shiny is real? Answered 1
IV breeding taking a really long time? Answered 1
Let trade safari friend codes? Answered 1
Local wireless battles? Answered 1
Looking for a normal friend safari with Ditto. What is your friend code? Answered 1
Looking for a quagsire with the hidden ability; Unaware? Answered 1
Looking for charizardite X willing to trade Charizardite Y? Answered 3
Looking for perfect ditto? Answered 1
Looking to trade my Charizardite y for someone's Charizardite x? Answered 1
looking to trade Vensaurite for charizardite Y? Answered 1
Lumiose city shop? Answered 1
Male Kirlia vs. Female Kirlia? Answered 1
Masuda method question? Answered 1
Masuda method. Am I doing it right? Answered 1
Max affection AND happiness eevee? Answered 1
Max stat? Answered 1
Megahorn or Pin Missile? Answered 1
Megastone locations? Answered 2
Mewtwo? Answered 6
Modest Ralts with synchronize? Answered 1
Moves, EV, Item Selection? Answered 1
Need a Kirlia safari bad! Please help? Answered 1
Need Friend Codes?? Answered 1
Need help finding shaymin? Answered 1
Need help with pokedex need Xerneas (optionally other legendaries too)? Answered 1
Need more friends for Friend safari? Answered 37
New Event Pokemon? Answered 1
No cross gen trading? Answered 4
Not evolving? Answered 1
O-Power upgradeing? Answered 1
Odd behavoir? Answered 1
Pinsir egg move help? Answered 2
Please evaluate my team? Answered 1
Pokemon bank? Answered 1
Pokemon Friend Safari Friend Codes Please? Answered 46
Pokemon-Amie help? Answered 1
Question about the ability unburden? Answered 1
Re:mewtwo? Answered 1
Register? Answered 1
Remewtwo? Answered 1
Shaking Animation Before Battle? Answered 1
Shiny Beartic? Answered 2
Shiny Charm question? Answered 1
Should i keep my Yveltal? Answered 1
Should I keep this Mewtwo? Answered 1
Smeone help? Answered 1
So what are all the Berry Mutations? Answered 1
So what/where are the Y exclusive Mega Stones? Answered 1
Some one give a contraty Snivy, please? Answered 1
Someone help me trade my Charizardite X over to Y? Answered 1
Team Building. Help? Answered 2
Thunder Wave and False Swipe? Answered 1
Toxic boost zangoose? Answered 1
Trade for Blazikenite? Answered 1
Trade my scyther? Answered 1
Trade shiny male Ralts/Kirlia for My Zapdos or Articuno? Answered 1
Trading charizardite y for charizardite x? Answered 1
Treecko? Answered 1
Tyranitarite 4 Aggronite? Answered 1
Want to trade a protean froakie, preferbly shiny!...? Answered 1
What does "FRE" mean? Answered 1
What does ribbons do? How do I check if a pokemon got a ribbon? Answered 1
What does Streetpass do in this game? Answered 1
What is the earliest you can tell the starter pokemon is shiny? Answered 5
What is the fastest way to get a lot of money? Answered 1
What is the maximum number of PC Boxes available? Answered 1
What is the Sea Spirit's Den used for? Answered 3
What legendaries can I get? Answered 2
What lvl does Inkay evolve into Malmar? Answered 1
What makes Mewtwo so special? Answered 1
What should my last team member be? Answered 1
What the best nature to put on the grass pokemon? Answered 1
What's the deal with berry mutations? Answered 1
When should I evolve Eevee? Answered 2
Where can i evolve Magneton into Magnezone? Answered 1
Where can i find a magikarp? Answered 4
Where can I find Mewtwo? Answered 1
Where can you find Muk in Pokemon Y? Answered 1
Where could i find a chimchar or tododile or a starter pokemon like that? Answered 1
Where could i find Aron? Answered 1
Where could i find ditto or is it just a pokemon X exclusive? Answered 1
Where do I trade for Ralts? Answered 1
Which Pokemon's evolve when traded for which items? Answered 1
Will anyone trade with me? Answered 1
Will someone help me evolve scyther to scizor? Answered 1
Will someone review my team? Answered 3
Will trade 4 shiny pkmn? Any will do! Answered 2
Zoroark megastone? Answered 1

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