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Where do you find the Tm Pyshock? 1

Other Help Answers
How do i powersave mudkips? 0
Anyone got a ditto friend safari?? 1
Can anyone give me a water friend safari code that has frogadier with protean ability? 1
Can someone tell me what is in my Friend Safari? 1
Can someone trade me a manaphy? 1
Can you help me need friend codes to do the friend safari? 1
Could someone possibly help me out by trading me a ditto? 1
Does anybody have a Charizard with a Charizardite X Mega Stone? I need one since I have the Y version. 3
Does anyone have a Chansey friend safari? My FC: 0877-1765-1415 1
Does anyone have a ditto safari ? 1
Does anyone have a mew? 1
Does anyone have any Legendary or any shiny that they can give me please? 1
FC please?? 1
Friend code exchange for pokemon y? 1
Friend Safari friend code exchange? 2
Friend safari? 0
How do I get Sytlish? 1
How do people get soo many friends in pokemon oras or x and y? 2
I can't find Team Flare to get to Couriway Town from Anistar City where are they? 1
I need friends for safari ? 2
I need help with my competitive team, Any suggestions? 1
In need of ditto friend safari? 1
Is the Day/Night cycle supposed to be synced with real World Day/Night? 1
Is there a way I can get money even though I beat the entire game I already? 1
Looking for a shiny female ralts? 1
Looking for Friend Safari Codes? 1
Looking to Trade? 1
Need Ditto Friend Safari. Help? 1
Need Ditto Friend Safari. Help? 1
Need Ditto Friend Safari. Help? 1
Need freind codes for dragon and normal ? mine is enzo 2836 1419 1906 1
Ok can anyone give me a friend code with dittos,in there friend safari? 1
Shiny geodude strategy help? 1
Someone help me to evolve my Kadabra? 1
Swap friend codes please? Friend safari? *new* 1
Trade my haunter and trade back? *new* 1
Who can trade me a mew? 1

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