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Anyone got a LEGIT shiny Darkrai for TRADE? 0
Anyone have chansey Friend Safari? 0
Anyone want a Zygard in exchange for an Aromatisse? 0
Anyone willing to trade a female Turtwig for a junkmon? 0
Anyone with a Protean Frogadier friend safari? 0
Can anyone help me get a contrary shuckle? 0
Can anyone trade me a shiny Froakie? 0
Can I get Zekrom in Pokemon Y without trading? If so, how? *new* 0
Can I please get a shiny charmander ? 0
Can someone give me a blazikenite? 0
Can someone help me get a friend safari ditto? 0
Can someone help me get torchic with speed boost and his mega stone? 0
Can someone help me to get every starters? 0
Can we get some fc on here for friend safari? 0
Can you see old Hall Of Fame entries from a previous save file? *new* 0
Could someone please trade me a Ditto? *new* 0
Ditto friend safari? 0
Do you have Ditto in your Friend Safari? 0
Do you have Ditto in your Friend Safari? 0
Do you have Hidden Ability Abra? 0
Does anybody have a friend safari with abra? 0
Does anyone even do the battle maison multi battles anymore? 0
Does anyone happen to have charmeleon in their friend safari? If so is it ok to trade friend codes? 0
Does anyone have a Diggersby Friend Safari? 0
Does anyone have a ditto or chansey friend safari? *new* 0
Does anyone have a shiny bunnelby?? 0
Does anyone have a shiny charmander for trade? *new* 0
Does anyone have fire types in their friend safari? *new* 0
Does anyone know a working redeem code for Pokemon black 2 that they don't want? *new* 0
Friend safari friend code exchange? 0
Froagadier Friend Code? 0
Hoopa and Diance? 0
I missed the celebi event! Anyone have one? 0
I really need more friend codes for more safaris!? 0
In order to play pokemon competitvly i really need a ditto safari,if anyone here has one can you plz tell me? 0
Lf shiny greninja? 0
LF: Adamant Nature Kyurem? 0
Looking for a HA Tyrunt I offer other HA pkmn? 0
Looking for a Mew, Any level? *new* 0
Looking for fc for Pokemon x and y? *new* 0
Multi Battles anyone? 0
Need an Eevee friend safari? *new* 0
Need help evolving a few pokemon - haunter/spritzee ? 0
Need hidden ability Fletchinder/Talonflame please? 0
Pokemiles help? Is normal trading over and over with the same person the same as wonder trading over and over? *new* 0
Safari Friend? 0
Wanna pokegen for me? 0
Will anyone trade me a Zekrom in Pokemon Y? *new* 0
Will someone trade me a lvl 25 ditto for my lvl 5 caterpie? 0
Will someone trade me a shiny male dedenne? i have lv 85 minun 51 pyroar and 42 charizard ill trade 0
Would anyone be willing to trade me an oval charm i have some shiny legendaries i can give for it? 0
About Kanto Legendary Birds? 1
Add me friend code 5430-0954-8296? 4
Anybody available for a multi battle? 1
Anyone have a fighting type with a tyrogue friend safari? 1
Anyone with Ditto safari and would like to exchange code? 1
Can anyone give me eggs for an egglocke? 1
Can anyone help me evolve my shiny machoke? 1
Can anyone trade me for a gardevoirite? 1
Can some one help me with getting a squirtle? 1
Can someone help me get a Tyranitarite? 1
Can someone trade me a Gardevoirite!? 1
Can someone trade with me to get Trade-Evolution Pokemon and trade back? 2
Can you all add me on pokemon y? need help with safari 1
Can you please add my Friend Code for 3DS? 1
Darkrai code up for a trade!? 1
Does anyone have a Normal-type Friend Safari with Chansey? 1
Does anyone have a Protean Frogadier they could trade me? 1
Does anyone have Friend Safari Dittos? 1
Does anyone have Friend Safari Dittos? 1
Does anyone want a carbink? 1
Does anyone want to trade a blazikenite? 1
Does anyone want to trade a Mewtwonite X for my Mewtwonite Y? 1
Earthquake hitting a flying type? 2
Event Pokemon Help? 1
Friend codes needed!? 4
Friend codes? Plzz 1
Friend safari codes please? 1
Friend safari codes? 2
friend safari. I need more people. Can I get your friend codes? 2
friend safari. I need more people. Can I get your friend codes? 6
Friend Safari? 1
Hacked Darkrai? 1
Help with Hidden Abilities? 1
How to get gale wings? 1
I just started playing Y, and i have no friends on there as of yet :(. Anyone wanna help me out? 3
I need Friend Codes for my Friend Safari? 1
I really want Diancie or Hoopa trade please? 2
If I switch between a 2DS with Pokemon Y pre-installed to the New 3DS Xl, will my save data from that game still remain? 1
Is anybody still playing Pokemon X/Y and have a fire type field for the friend safari? 2
Is it possible to downgrade a 3DS? 1
Is there anyone out there with a spare Volcanion? 1
Legendary Bird Pokemon Distribution Event? 1
Looking for Friends safari people? 2
Looking for Volcanion (Pokemon Y)? 2
Need Friend Codes for Pokemon Safari? 1
Need help getting shiny charm? 1
Need the blazikenite mega stone? 1
New to Friend Safari! Looking for new friends! Friend Codes please? 11
Not sure what type is in my friend safari. Want to help me find out? 1
Pokerus completely disappearing from Pokemon, and can be infected multiple times? 1
Shiny genesect for meloetta? 1
the people on GTS these days...? 2
What are the best egg moves for Growlithe/Arcanine? 1
What do I do if I lost my game but I know someone is using it? 1
What Happened to Simple? 1
What is your favorite Pokemon? 1
What is your favorite Pokemon? 1
Where do you get mareep? 1
Why can't a breed a shiny psyduck? 1
Why is my Pokemon Y playing Omega Ruby? 1
Why is Timid Contrary Serperior so common? 1

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