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How can I get to the Master Ore in the Dark Palace?

Hi, I am trying to get the Master Ore in the dark palace the problem is the trap door is on the right side of the 2Floor, when it's suppost to be on the left side of the 2Floor Right?

ShadowLink901 provided additional details:

Ok thanks, i just got it!

Accepted Answer

Emac963 answered:

On the top floor there are two lifts activated by switches, one at the top of the room and one at the bottom. make sure the top lift is lowered and place a bomb near the bottom switch. then quickly run to the top lift, hit the switch, and when your on the higher platform merge into the center on the wall (at the helmasaur drawing. as the bomb explodes the wall will turn, giving you access to the center room of that floor, there is a chest containing the master ore.
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