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Asked: 8 months ago

How do I get rid of the big boulders blocking my way?

I'm trying to get my Blue Tunic!! :)

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From: KyoraStryker 8 months ago

If you're referring to the large round stones, these can be lifted and cleared using the Titan's Mitt - obtain this from the Desert Palace dungeon.

If you're referring to the massive rocks in Lorule that have a crack running from top to bottom, these can be destroyed using Bomb Flowers - visit the Bomb Flower shop south of Thieves' Town (Lorule's Karkariko Village), speak to the owner, exit the east door, and press A to lead the Bomb Flower to where you want to go. Be careful not to let anything come into contact with it as it will explode, forcing you to return to the Bomb Flower shop to grab another.

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In Lyrule there's a house go inside & there's a crazy scientist inside that will let u use the bomb flower as much as you want.

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Big Boulders can be moved with the Titan's Mit - which you can find in the Desert Palace dungeon.

The Blue Tunic is found in Swamp Palace dungeon.

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By big boulders, I assume you mean the tanish ones? Those are the bombable ones. Regular bombs won't work. Go south of kakariko in lorule and go inside the house and pay the man 200 rupees to use the mega bomb. Blow up the rock blocking the exit and go back and grab another (they regrow), once you do that, you have to escort it (it can only take 1 hit and has to remain close to you) all the way to swamp palace and blow up the rocks.

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Go To The Sand Palace In Hyrule Then You'll Go To Lorule. On The Way U Will Get The Titans Mitt

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Go To The Sand Palace In Hyrule Then You'll Go To Lorule. On The Way U Will Get The Titans Mitt

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