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Training jobs? 5
Where to get the Level 6 magic? 4
Where are the costumes? 5
Can you miss Sidequests? 6
Is there a New Game Plus (+)? 1
How do I beat Jackal and Khint (chapter 1 sidequest)? 3
Does job affect stat growth? 1
How to get the DLC? 3
How do multiple endings work? 4
What's your ultimate party? 13
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Can you still get the crystal armor in chapter 8? 0
Can I Change my Friend Card Title? 0
Breaking a crystal? 2
What is the best team to use for the whole game? 2
What is a good build for Red Mage? 1
Do EXP/JP boost from Job classes stack with each other? 3
  • Total Open Questions: 6

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