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Asked: 9 months ago

Where to get the Level 6 magic?

I'm already on Chapter 5 and they said I can get all the magic scrolls at Grand Ship. How do I make them available?

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From: Pulsiix 9 months ago

You should have the grandship to fly around by now yes?

touch the little airship on the bottom screen below the village button and click enter airship, go down a few screens and you'll find a bunch of shops, the magic shop sells all level 6 magic scrolls, weapons shop has some decent upgrades and the item shop has everything else you would need

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You can get the Level 6 Magic scroll at Chapter 6 when you got access to Grandship (Flying version) at chapter 6 you can go inside the ship and can buy the scroll there

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You can get them in Grandship as soon as you reach Chapter 5.

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No you can't stop posting misleading info you can't get them till chapter 6!

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You are able to buy level 6 scrolls for both black, white and time magic at the shop inside of the Grandship in Chapter 5. They should all be in stock.

If you can not get to the Grandship interior, you need to press the Grandship icon again while you are flying. This will ask you whether you want to go into the interior or turn on auto pilot. Come out of the bridge via the south staircase, coming to a row of shops, item, inn, sword/shield and magic from left to right.

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